Integration of culture in sustainable development policies

Syrian Arab Republic
Key objectives of the measure:

Syria’s new constitution sets cultural diversity as one of the principles upon which the governance of the people should be based.

The new Local Administration Law (2011) states that within the general policies and national plans of the State, local councils on the levels of Governorates, cities, towns and districts are responsible for local administration and actions aiming at developing the Governorate including culture based on the principles of sustainable and balanced development.

Local councils at the level of the Governorate draft plans and follow their implementation to ensure balanced and sustainable development in the Governorate, following guidelines set by national Five Year Plans and coordinating in the process with other local councils in addition to private, public and civil entities.

Furthermore, the current and planned programs of alleviating illiteracy by the Ministry of Culture involve economic empowerment and micro‐finance projects, in addition to joining vocational training with alphabetic one.

Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
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