Integration of Culture in Sustainable Development

Main feature of the measure:

The Department of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs of the Ministry organizes activities which promote awareness raising of the linkage between culture and sustainable development mainly to students, persons with disabilities and young people. These activities are centered around two main projects: Culture and Environment and Green Routes. Culture and Environment aims at raising awareness to the public and especially to young people on the linkage between culture and the environment based on the assumption that culture can stimulate their interest in the preservation of national resources. Εvents include planting of trees, musical concerts, movies, storytelling, excursions, speeches and performances of theatrical plays.

The project requires approximately 30.000 € per year for printed material. People benefiting from the project vary from 30.000 to 60.000 per year. Approximately 120 museums participate in this initiative. The target group asked for expanding the events of the project to more days each year. They were mainly interested in thematic walks and educational programs.
Green Routes is a joint project, which is under planning among departments of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Its objective is to promote sustainable
development by means of linking education, culture and tourism and to raise the number of volunteers in the fields of volunteerism and sponsorship.

The project started its pilot phase in 2011 and will include activities such as education and awareness raising of the public, especially young people and students as well as museum employees on the linkages between culture and the environment. The project will plan routes in significant archaeological and environmental sites, at the end of which, seminars, workshops and lectures will illustrate the significance of the site and the challenges to its management.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

In the year 2010 the Official Development Assistance (ODA) granted by Greece to developing countries that was allocated to the sector of culture amounted to 4.55 MUSD. This amount was 2.15% of total bilateral ODA (211.82 MUSD) granted by Greece in the same year.