Import and Export Strategy for the Film Industry

Key objectives of the measure:

The Thessaloniki Film Festival aims at promoting encounters of Greek film makers with their peers from the international community. It is also in charge of the Thessaloniki Museum of Cinema. Same as the Greek Film Center, it is mainly funded by the public sector and partly by the EU or other sources.

Its main objectives are to facilitate cultural interaction, foster creativity, stress the dual nature of cultural products and promote intercultural dialogue,
especially in the sub-region of South East Europe. It is the oldest festival in the Balkans, being active for 52 years, 20 of which as an international event. It is also funded by the state budget and European Union sources.

Main feature of the measure:

Its main activities are the International Film Festival, the International Documentary Festival (estimated impact of both: 200.000 people), educational programs, a cinema museum and the provision of scholarships to students and pupils of intercultural schools of the city of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with private schools.

A special approach to the South East of Europe has been introduced through the “Balkan Survey” section of the Festival, established in 199410. It aims at highlighting the most significant film productions of the region and promoting them mainly to the European market. Tributes to artists and retrospectives are followed up by round tables, catalogue editions, concerts, book presentations, workshops and
photo exhibitions. Other initiatives of the Festival addressing the needs of the SE Europe include facilitation of funding for creators of the region (Balkan Fund Crossroads), networking (Agora) and training (Salonica Studio). The Greek Film Archive Foundation is responsible for the safeguarding of audiovisual heritage. Each producer has the obligation to submit to the Foundation a copy of his / her creations. Its main activities are organizing festivals, forums and educational programs and providing access to researchers. It collaborates with embassies and cultural institutes to deliver festivals, which promote new or established artists from other countries, or the cinema production of a specific country or specific thematic categories, such as racism and violence against women.