Implementation of target programmes aimed at promoting diversity of forms of cultural expressions

Key objectives of the measure:
A number of target programmes were implemented in the reporting period, which were in line with the prevailing directions established by the Government of the Republic of Armenia in the sphere of culture and were of both republican and international significance.
Main feature of the measure:
Target programmes of republican significance In 2013, “Target Programme of Development and Improvement of Talented Young Music Performers of the Republic of Armenia” launched, which was aimed at the development and improvement of 15 talented young music performers (classic musical instruments: piano, violin, violoncello) with the consideration of future presentation of the Armenian performing school on an international arena, as well as formation of grounds for natural generation change in the field of classical performing art. Young music performers involved in 2014 programme, took part in nearly 40 projects and master classes of 10 leading foreign specialists. By means of the newly-established revolving fund of musical instruments, more talented young musicians and children from socially vulnerable families, as well as newly formed professional classes were provided with musical instruments (20 types of 102 musical instruments). The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia supported the implementation of “Armenian State Symbols” programme. The information banks related to the gifted children of the Republic of Armenia (established in 2008), gifted children with disabilities (established in 2010) and choirs operating in the Republic of Armenia (established in 2011) continued to be replenished. Significant international programmes From among the target programmes of international significance the following should be highlighted: “Yerevan World Book Capital”, “500th Anniversary of Armenian Book Printing” (2012) and “Gyumri - CIS Cultural Capital” (2013). - “500th Anniversary of Armenian Book Printing” and “Yerevan World Book Capital 2012” programme: The events within the framework of “Yerevan World Book Capital 2012” programme were launched on 21 April at the M. Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts “Matenadaran” with UNESCO’s “Cultural Policy: Policy for Culture. The Role of Culture in Sustainable Development” regional conference, exhibition entitled “ArmBookExpo” (nearly 1 400 books on Armenia and Armenians published in over 40 countries of the world were presented at Cafesjian Center for the Arts, later being donated to the National Library of Armenia), 3rd Imagery Festival and exhibition of Armenian Genocide Museum of Valence entitled “Never Forget” (opened in Tumo Center of Creative Technologies), as well as exhibition entitled “Vernatun” (opened in the National Gallery of Armenia). On 22 April, festive events were held in the yards of Yerevan schools named after Armenian and world-renowned writers; a children’s painting programme launched in the Republic Square; the photo exhibition of Argentinian Armenian Dicran Sirinian entitled “Buenos Aires” opened in the Municipality of Yerevan; the concert of Andrea Bocelli entitled “Musical welcome from Italy, the cradle of Armenian book printing” took place in the Freedom Square; in the evening the grand ceremony of the UNESCO’s “World Book Capital” title bestowment took place in the area adjacent to the M. Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts “Matenadaran”. The Mayor of Buenos Aires, Book Capital 2011, handed the symbolic title of “World Book Capital” over to the Mayor of Yerevan. Among many honorary guests were the representatives of Bangkok, which was named World Book Capital in 2013. Argentinian, Thai and Armenian dance groups gave performances. A three-dimensional graphic projection show was displayed on the front wall of Matenadaran monumental building. On 23 April, the photo exhibition of Jorge Borges entitled “Atlas of Borges” took place, which was followed by the opening of “An Act for Eternity” statue of Davit Yerevantsi. The exhibition entitled “The Eternity of Writing...”opened, which presented the history of the Armenian writing development starting from the ancient times to electronic books. Within the framework of the programme, 14 books were presented at the international book fairs in Minsk, Paris, Bologna, Buenos Aires, Saint Petersburg, Geneva, Tehran, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Thessaloniki, Moscow, Ashgabat, Frankfurt and Hague. - 12 exhibitions dedicated to Armenian book printing held abroad Exhibition entitled “Armenia: Imprints of a Civilization” in Venice (The exhibition launched on 14 December 2011 in Museo Correr, National Archaeological Museums and Marciana National Library of Venice. Within the framework of the exhibition over 200 unique manuscripts, antique books, miniature paintings, cross-stones, monument models, carpets, maps, etc. brought to Venice from the museums and libraries of Armenia and Europe were presented. The exhibition was followed by an Armenian spiritual music concert in the Cathedral Basilica of St. Mark. The closing of the exhibition took place on 10 April 2012). Exhibition entitled “Remembering William Saroyan” in Athens (The exhibition opened on 19 March at the National Library of Greece. Books, pictures, photos and documents representing the prolific activity of William Saroyan were exhibited, Greek writer, academician Tanasi Valtinos and Athens University professor Photios Dimitrakopoulos gave public lectures. Exhibition entitled “Armenian book culture: Ahead of the 500th anniversary of the first printed Armenian book” in Saint Petersburg (The exhibition opened on 10 April at Saint Petersburg Library. The exhibition presents the history of Armenian book printing: the book “Alphabetum Armenum” (“Armenian Alphabet”) printed in Rome in 1623 and testaments printed in Amsterdam in 1668, books printed in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Astrakhan, Shushi, Baku and European capitals in the 18th and19th centuries, as well as publications of the Soviet and modern period). Exhibition of antique Armenian books in Tbilisi (On 11 April, an exhibition of antique Armenian books opened at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia through the joint efforts of “Hayartun” Cultural Centre of Tbilisi, National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Georgia. Over 50 books were presented at the exhibition). Exhibition entitled “Type design and miracle of image: 500th anniversary of Armenian Book Printing” in Halle (The exhibition opened on 15 April at Kunstforum hall. The exhibition presented antique books kept in libraries and museums of Germany, as well as exhibits from the M. Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts “Matenadaran”, National Library of Armenia and Yerevan Museum of Folk Art after Hovhannes Sharambeyan. The exhibition closed on 21 May). Exhibition of ancient Armenian books entitled “Armenia... A Road of Books” in Denmark (the exhibition ran from 17 April to 5 May at the Royal Library of Copenhagen (The Black Diamond). Exhibition entitled “To Know Wisdom and Instruction: The Armenian Literary Tradition at the Library of Congress” (The exhibition opened on 18 April. It was accompanied by a lecture and a concert of talented cellist N. Hakhnazaryan). Exhibition dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Armenian book printing in Antelias (The exhibition opened on 8 June in Cilicia Museum of Antelias Mayravank. The exhibition ran until 18 June). Exhibition entitled “The Diaspora of the Armenian Book 1512-2012” at the National Library of Amsterdam (The exhibition opened on 11 June. Antique Armenian books kept in Amsterdam, as well as antique books of the National Library of Armenia and 2 exhibits from Y. Kochar Museum were presented. The presentation of the book “Diaspora of Armenian Book Printing” was held during the exhibition). Exhibition entitled “The Antique Armenian Book” in Bulgaria (The exhibition opened on 4 September at SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library of Sofia. The exhibition presented the collection of antique Armenian books from the national libraries of Armenia and Sofia. The exhibition was followed by the presentations of the Armenian translation of “Krali Marko” Bulgarian epic poem published in the recent two years, the Bulgarian translation of “The Emperor” drama by L. Shant and “David of Sassoun” epic poem, which were published as a result of the Armenian-Bulgarian literary translation projects). Events entitled “500th anniversary of Armenian book printing” in Romania (In the period from 14 to 30 September, exhibitions and presentations were held in Constanța and Cluj cities, the Armenian Cultural Centre of Bucharest and Carol I Central Library within the framework of the one-week Strada cu Cărți book festival.) Exhibition of antique Armenian books in British Library of London (The exhibition opened on 22 November in the “Treasury” (Gandzatun) Hall of the British Library. The exhibition ran until 31 January 2013). Exhibition entitled “Typographic Art and Enchanting Illustrations: 500th anniversary of Armenian book printing” in Gutenberg Museum of Mainz (The exhibition ran from 7 December 2012 to 17 March 2013. The exhibition presented exhibits from the National Library of Armenia and collections kept in the renowned museums and libraries of Germany). Participation in 2 international literary festivals was ensured: Berlin Poetry Festival (held on 1-7 June 2012) and Genoa Poetry Festival (held on 8-17 June 2012) Presentations of joint literary translation projects were held. In particular, the presentation of the Armenian issue of Ukrainian “Vsesvit” (“Всесвит”) magazine dedicated to the modern Armenian literature was held on 21-28 March within the framework of the Days of Ukrainian Culture in Armenia and in the context of the 500th anniversary of Armenian book printing and “Yerevan World Book Capital” programme; in June the presentation of the Georgian Anthology entitled “Modern Armenian Prose” was held; on 15 September, the presentation of the book “Selected” by L. Brutyan (in Russian) was held at Moscow House (Dom Moskvy) in Yerevan; on 15 September, the presentation of the Armenian translation of the Dutch writer Frank Westerman’s book “Ararat” was held at the M. Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts “Matenadaran”. In September, the presentations of the Armenian issue of the German ODA magazine, book “Money, Pushkin, Money” (“Деньги, Пушкин, деньги”), French books “Modern Armenian Prose” and “Modern Armenian Poetry” and Persian book “Modern Armenian Poetry” were held. Within the framework of the 500th anniversary of Armenian book printing, the presentation of “Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Armenian Culture in Ukraine” by Ukrainian scientist Irina Gayuk was held in Kiev on 2 October, the presentation of “Nobel Laureates and Other Modern Poets” (Armenian translation of the anthology of Polish poets) was held at A. Khachaturian Museum in Yerevan on 8 October. 20 literary conferences, festivals, exhibitions and contests were organized in Armenia. In particular: Exhibitions entitled “The Eternity of Writing” and “When the Book Finds the Painter”, ICOM-CECA 2012 annual conference, “International Conference of Librarians”, “6th International Conference of Translators and Publishers”, “Granshan 2012” International Type Design Competition for non-Latin typefaces, the international conference of musical libraries entitled “Music and Musical Libraries in the 21st Century” international literary festival entitled “Literary Ark 2012”, seminar entitled “Images of Memory” (“Лики памяти”), “Open-air Reading Festival”, Reading Olympiad, “Entrance with a Book” action, “I am Creating a Book” project, programme entitled “The Meeting Place is the Library”. - “Gyumri as the CIS Cultural Capital” programme (2013) The programme officially launched on 30 June 2013 in Gyumri with a big gala concert and ceremony of handing “Gyumri_CIS Cultural Capital” certificate. 48 events were carried out within the framework of the programme. In particular: International contest and festival of music performers “Renaissance”, 1st International Poetry Festival “In the beginning was the Word”, 1st International Theatre Festival “Duet”, “Film Festival of CIS states”, “Cultural Gyumri” Festival, 2nd International Folk Festival “Armenia at the crossroads of peace”, international sculpture symposium “Life-giving spring”, international exhibition of CIS states “Art Expo”, Gyumri craft traditions festival, conference entitled “Culture and Information Technologies”, traditional/folk music festival and Ashugh Song Festival, Bread Festival, Literary Ark Festival, international scientific conference entitled “Historical and Cultural Heritage of Shirak”, international theatre festival for youth “Pomegranate Seed”, media forum of CIS states’ mass media entitled “At the Foot of Mount Ararat,” First Integrative Republican Festival of Youth Art, First Navasard Games, Japanese Film Festival, events dedicated to Children’s Day and environmental topics, opening of “Octet” music school named after Azat Shishyan in Gyumri and concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Gyumri State Symphony Orchestra, mutual visits of delegations of sister cities, archaeological exhibition entitled “Shirak: Cradle of Culture” at Shirak Geological Museum. The closing of “Gyumri as the CIS Cultural Capital 2013” programme took place on 11 November 2013 with the concert of the Russian National Orchestra conducted by V. Spivakov and photo exhibition of CIS states dedicated to Armenian heritage entitled “Armenian Trace.” The closing event was followed by the grand ceremony of cancellation of the “Gyumri as the CIS Cultural Capital 2013” postage stamp.