Implementation of the Regulations of Program Contents for Minors

National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA)
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Various means have been used to guide the development and improve the quality of broadcasting and television programs and online audiovisual programs that are mainly targeted at minors. The first is to specify the norms that should be observed in program production and communications, such as those for dressing and performance, topic selection, words and deeds of hosts and their guests, use of language, broadcast length, and program format. The second is to support and encourage original programs. It has been specified that programs for minors should be creative and that originality of these programs should be enhanced. The third is to use the innovative methods to establish a special cyber space for minors with the mechanisms including the legal guardian consent system, minors protection commissioner system, rest reminder system, notification and deletion system, public supervision and reporting system, program evaluation committee system, social evaluation system and annual reporting system, so as to ensure a three-dimensional, multi-layered and all-round supervision over programs for minors. The fourth is to emphasize social co-governance. Government regulation and social supervision should be combined to crack down on illegal behaviors. Internal management obligations and responsibilities of program production and communications organizations should be intensified. The role of industry organizations should be given into full play while enhancing industrial self-discipline.
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