Implementation of Government LGBT Strategy in the field of Culture

Ministry of Culture
Key objectives of the measure:

The Strategy of Government of Montenegro for improvement of life quality of LGBT persons in Montenegro 2013-2018 (LGBT Strategy) in part that refers to cultural changes has as a goal to improve cultural values of importance for acceptance and social inclusion of LGBT population. Cultural changes as the key objective are stimulated by a series of strategic measures, among which are the support for cultural activities of LGBT community, involvement in contemporary cultural trends, positioning of cultural contents from the domain of LGBT expression in annual programs of public institutions for culture, cooperation with LGBT community in questions of importance for identity and development of creativity. Therefore, key objectives of this measure are the contribution to development of cultural tolerance and openness for LGBT persons, through becoming recognized in the field of culture and creation of cultural space for development and presentation of LGBT scene as a part of new social and cultural platform.

Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
regulatory, financial
Main feature of the measure:

In domain of culture, this measure primarily refers to realization of concrete cultural-artistic programs and projects of authors from LGBTIQ population, and theme or questions from the life of that community. In particular, in the reporting period, in the domain of activity of Ministry of Culture, artistic programs and expert meetings have been realized, that is:

- Realization of photo exhibition entitled ‘’Here we are - Five years of visibility of LGBT activism in Montenegro’’ as common activity of Ministry of Culture and Public Institution ‘’Center of Contemporary Art’’ in partnership with NGOs Queer Montenegro and Juventas (October 2014);

- In municipal institution Cultural and Information Center ‘’Budo Tomović’’ Podgorica, the photo exhibition,’’Find the difference’’ of artist Maja Kovijanić was opened, as partner activity between Ministry of Culture and NGO ‘’Queer Montenegro’’ (December 2015);

- A panel discussion was held at the Ministry of Culture entitled ‘’Cultural expressions of minority identities’’. The panel was relized in cooperation with Montenegrin Network of Anna Lindh Foundation and NGO ‘’Queer Montenegro’’ (December 2015);

- Panel discussion ‘’Queer and other identities in contemporary theoretical and cultural practices’’ in cooperation with NGO ‘’Queer Montenegro’’,  with the presence of national institutions of culture and civil sector.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

This  measure implementation was focused on the following results: stimulating of new cultural platforms development that affirm LGBT creativity and art; providing the space for promotion and presentation of expressions of LGBT population, queer culture and related forms of author creativity. In this sense, the expected results are the creation and affirmation of the LGBT cultural scene in Montenegro, along with obligation to include the cultural content of LGBT creativity in the regular programs of public institutions of culture, which is part of the process of developing tolerance and openness for the LGBT community, and contributing to the greater visibility of this community towards the promotion of inclusive social context.

The results of Panel discussions which were organized within this measure are acquaintance of cultural institutions representatives with the theme and socio-cultural contexts of queer expressions and LGBT identity. The focus of the panel, along with education, was put on the emancipation of phenomena mentioned in wider social framework, with intention to lower the animosities towards LGBT population.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

Around 3.000 €. The amount was provided by Ministry of Culture, Anna Lindh Foundation and NGO ‘’Queer Montenegro’’.

Main conclusions of the evaluation of the measure:

Through annual report on the work of Ministry of Culture and reports of other departments on implementation of overall strategy the measure realization is monitored. Key conclusions were that the activities of this measure were implemented successfully, then that it is necessary to continue with related activities, in accordance with Strategy of Government for LGBT. Besides, it was concluded that it is necessary, even beside  strategic framework, to provide support for LGBT  cultural activities and development of the scene.

Indicators used to determine impact:
Indicators determined  by LGBT strategy itself were used and which refer to initiated cultural and social life of LGBT community.