Implementation of designated programmes for the purpose of promoting the diversity of the forms of cultural expression

Key objectives of the measure:

The promotion of the forms of cultural expression in Armenia was realised through more than 28 international and about the same amount of republican festivals, checks and contests. So, in 2007-2011, cinema weeks of 12 countries were held in cinema halls and cultural houses of Armenia in the original language — Russian, German, French, Khazakhi language, Italian, English and other films. For the purpose of intercultural dialogue, a number of joint projects were implemented, particularly the development of joint film production contributed to the identification of new markets for film products and the ensuring of accessibility of those markets. Particularly during these years, more than 4 countries were involved in the production of 5 films (“Confused Parallels” (2008), “Paradjanov” (2011-2012), “Alaverdi” (2011-2012), “Chnchik” (2011-2012), “Janna and Voices” (2010-2011)). On 16 March 2012 the National Cinema Centre of Armenia signed a cooperation contract with CNC (the National Center of Cinematography and the moving image), in the frameworks whereof on 21-31 December 2012 “The shortest day” film festival for short films was held in Armenia. On 6-10 November 2012, the National Cinema Centre of Armenia took part in the Strasbourg symposium devoted to the 20th anniversary of Video-audio audience of Europe where, during the sitting of the executive council, the membership of Armenia in the Video-audio audience of Europe was ratified (as an observer). Membership suggests performance of special work in the sphere of international film industry, in the process of using films of film production and the art of dance. “Golden Apricot” International Film Festival of Yerevan is the largest international film festival that receives state support, and is held under the slogan “Crossroads of Civilisations and Cultures”. During the reporting period, more than 800 films were screened within the framework of the Festival.

Main feature of the measure:

During the last four years in the sphere of music, around 243 concert programmes were carried out through the cooperation between foreign and Armenian concert bands, music performers, directors, where a diversity of genres and traditions is incorporated — classic, folk, ethnographic, jazz, fusion, avant-garde, etc. In the sphere of literature, a number of international projects aimed at developing intercultural dialogue have been carried out. For example, since 2007, by the initiative of CIS Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia a conference of translators and publishers of CIS and Baltic states has been held in Armenia with the participation of 40-50 reputable publishing houses. In 2012, the conference called “Theory and Application: Overcoming Barriers” substantially broadened its geography — in addition to 70 CIS and Baltic states, there were also participants from other continents, including Europe and Latin America. As a result of the cooperation established due to the conference, each year the Armenian society learns about books published in other countries, about their authors, publishers, translators, about the joint translation-publishing initiatives that were carried out, and new prospects open for professionals of the sector. Support has been provided to cultural figures for participation in international biennales and festivals in the sphere of fine arts, participation of youth is especially encouraged. There is a solid perspective for innovative and youth programmes to become a tradition. For instance, Gyumri International Biennale, which was established in 1998, gathers art critics from various countries around the world and covers almost all directions of contemporary art, starting from painting and ending with video art, and with that it leads to new spheres and opens new opportunities. Ballet and dance performances with participation of specialists invited from abroad were covered in the sphere of choreography, including Spartak ballet performance, joint performances of National Ball