Implementation of Creative Industries Promotion and Development Strategy

Key objectives of the measure:

The Creative Industries Pro motion and Development Strategy was approved by the decree of the
Minister of Culture in 2007 and reviewed in 2009. The goals of this strategy are:
• to create favourable conditions for the development of creative industries;
• to increase the contribution of creative industries to the economy and knowledge
• to increase the competitiveness of creative industries in Lithuania and abroad.
According to the strategy, creative industries in Lithuania include the foIlowing: crafts,
architecture, design, cinema and video art, publishing, visual and applied art, music, software,
producing and broadcasting radio and television prograrnmes, advertising, performing arts and
other sectors in which culture and economy intertwine.

While implementing this strategy, the Creative and Cultural Industries Association was
established in 2008. The role of this organisation is to aim for cooperation between artists, arts
and cultural organisations, communities and education and science institutions in order to
pro mote and raise the profile of culturai industries in Lithuania. While striving to reach its goal
the Creative and Cultural Industries Association spreads information related to culturai
industries, organises conferences, conducts research, represents Lithuanian cultura I industries in
the policymaking process in Lithuania as weIl as in a European and world context, organises
training and consults its members about managing their businesses and attracting funding.

Main feature of the measure:

Another measure for implementing the Creative Industries Promotion and Development Strategy
is support for art incubators under the Operational Prograrnme 'Economic Growth' co- funded
with resources from the European RegionaI Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund
(CF). According to financing rules for this measure, an art incubator is a non-profit organisation
which provides its infrastructure to artists and people who are developing culturai industries in
order to create and present their works to the public, start their own business es, develop creative
industries and enco.urage the local community to take part in culturai life. Building,
reconstruction and/or equipping of 8 art incubators in different regions of Lithuania were funded
with more than LTL 40 million by the end of 2011. The Ministry of Economy administers the
support scheme.
The Creative Industries Pro motion and Development Strategy also includes a measure of partial
funding of culturai industry projects. This measure has been implemented since 2010 and
funding has been given to such events as an international art fair 'Art Vilnius', Design Week,
Vilnius Book Fair, as well as international fairs for creative industry. Since 2012 part of the
funding (around LTL 500,0002012) goes to the new support scheme 'Development of Creative
Industries by Renewing and Promoting Museum Exhibitions' administered by the Ministry of
The Ministry of Culture is responsible for implementation of the Creative Industries Promotion
and Development Strategy.

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