National Council of Culture and Arts
Key objectives of the measure:

Aims to promote in the member States and through financial support, the creation of an integration of the Performing Arts. It was created in 2006, and Chile collaborates in it since 2007.

Scope of the measure:
Main feature of the measure:

Since 2007, Chile (as well as every participating country) contributes with a fee that finances collaborative projects between artists, managers, and others coming from iberoamerican countries.
Chile began its collaboration with a share of US$75,000.00 per year, that now has been raised to US$100,000.00 annually.

Challenges identified in the implementation of this measure: One of the main challenges is the ability of small Latin American countries to allocate resources for the program. Also, another important challenge is the incorporation of new disciplines that are not within the traditional definitions of the performing arts.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:


Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)
Performing Arts
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