Hip Hop Cultural Exchange Programme.

Zulu-Legacy Youth Leadership 8. Uganda
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
This Hip Hop arts and cultural collaborative international exchange program engages youth and art communities to enrich innovative and creative development and deepen cross cultural overstanding between Africa and the world through global partnerships and collaborations. As youth continue to dialogue and forge our existence in this world using our ancestral gifts, this exchange offers a creative platform for youth around the world to gather and engage in innovative and creative methods of problem solving, sharing our stories, building our communities and celebrating our cultures.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
-This cultural exchange led to the creation and organizing Hip Hop cultural events such as Hit The Beat Camp, Youth Leadership and entrepreneurship camps among others. -They is an enrichment and transformation of many youth in East Africa since the initiation of the tour which is evident through the stories they tell. -This Hip Hop exchange as managed to bring youth in East Africa on one platform “Hip Hop “ to embrace our diversities and celebrate our heritage.
Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)
Performing Arts
Visual Arts
Transversal Priority(ies)
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