Higher education programs in the arts 2017

The Ministry of Higher Education
The Ministry of Culture
Birzeit Uninersity
Dar Al Kalima University College
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The government of Palestine worked with local universities at the accreditation of several higher education programs in the arts in the last four years. In 2017, Birzeit University (BZU) established the Faculty of Art and Music as a distinctively new college, offering a Bachelor's Degree in Arabic Music in partnership with the ESNCM (commenced), a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in partnership with IAAP, Bachelor Degree in Design, Bachelor Degree in Moving Image, and Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts. The Faculty of Art, Music and Design at BZU intends to be a landmark that fosters the growth of learning in the creative fields of design, visual art, dance, drama, film and music for the Palestinian community. The establishment of such a faculty comes at a critical and pivotal time amid social, economic, and political challenges in Palestine. The faculty puts creativity and cultural knowledge at the heart of the lives of students at Birzeit University through its courses, exhibitions, and activities. The different fields it offers will be part of a wave of change in learning at the university, and part of a cultural renaissance that will inspire generations to come. BZU aims to bring together an interdisciplinary approach to the study of visual art, design, moving image, dance, drama, and music, it will also provide an important model for the region in the education, training, and the development of creative practitioners for the 21st century and will leave a lasting legacy in the region.
On the other hand, in spring of 2020, Dar Al Kalmieh University announced the first Bachelor's program in cultural management and policy in Palestine. On the level of primary and secondary school education, in 2019, the Ministry of Education launched the Academy of Art, Theater, and Music, which aims to institutionalize art education within the Palestine educational system.

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Dar Al Kalima University College provides high quality educational opportunities in the undergraduate and diploma programs available to students from all sectors of the Palestinian society. The Faculty of Art, Music and Design at BZU aims at establishing itself as an essential cultural hub by holding a wide range of activities, from performances and screenings to symposiums, exhibitions, talks, short courses, and public showcases. The faculty's facilities are open to students and staff members to engage with the wide range of creative fields, to enable the university constituency to tap into its creative side, and to both engage and explore the wide potential of creative fields.

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