Grants and Assistance Programme

National Directorate of Cultural Policy and International Cooperation
Key objectives of the measure:

Foster equal opportunities by offering special support to young creators. 
Strengthen cultural and artistic institutions management through training and education of professionals and technicians. 
Promote community development initiatives with cultural activities.
In 2002, the Secretariat of Culture of Argentina implemented the Grants and Assistance Programme aimed to contribute to the growth and development of artistic and cultural activities in our country. In the beginning, the Programme implemented an open grant scheme, based on invitations received by applicants. In the year 2005, the scope of the Programme was redefined to promote artistic activity and preserve our country's heritage through education and training of artists and cultural professionals in institutions abroad.

Scope of the measure:
Main feature of the measure:

It is implemented by means of open calls for grants, and applications are evaluated by a jury of national and foreign experts appointed by the counterpart institution. 
The following aspects are taken into account for evaluating applicants, among others:

  •  Applicant's professional and/or artistic background.
  • Significance of the activity to be carried out abroad and relevance for applicant's education and/or usefulness for the institution.
  • Relevance of foreign educational institution where the applicant is to carry out the field-specific activity.
  • Applicant's place of residence, with special consideration to applicants from the interior of the country who show merits similar to applicants from the City of Buenos Aires.
  • Professional and or artistic recommendations and endorsements.
  • Proposed transfer activity for applicant's return.

Challenges identified in the implementation of this measure: Extend Bilateral Cooperation Agreements for the exchange of artist residencies.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

US  $120,000.00