Government Program 2013-2017

Key objectives of the measure:

The Government Program 2013-2017 gives account of the political guidelines implemented at national level for the creation of public policy. In this instrument, some proposals aligned with the report  approach  have  been  identified,  especially  regarding  to  equal  access  of  citizens  to resources that allow the development and full enjoyment of culture.

In regard to proposal 23 of the Government Program, that proposes the assurance of equal access to resources essential for the creation and circulation of cultural goods and to promote the development of national cultural industries, and in line with the provisions of PNBV objective five, concrete actions have been carried out through projects that have been developed between 2013 and 2016 and have benefited approximately 82,500 people.

It should be noted that in recent years, the opportunities gender gap has declined. An example of this is the information presented in this report according to the award of scholarships in art and culture, with 51% male scholarship recipients and 49% female scholarship holders.

There is also a relatively small gap in the participation of 163 men and 105 women in the incentive program to support mobilizations of national representatives abroad. It should be emphasized that efforts and actions must still be taken in this framework so that these differences decrease.

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