Fine Arts Exhibitions, Workshops and Training Courses

United Arab Emirates
Emirates Fine Arts Society
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
The activities implemented by the Emirates Fine Arts Society aim at developing the visual arts movement in the UAE and promoting the diversity of artistic expression. This is done by designing programs that provide support and care to artists in Emirati society, protecting their rights, and providing opportunities for the younger generation to participate in this vital cultural sector. Examples of programs include: • Holding public and private, group and individual art exhibitions, and ensuring that the exhibitions are diverse in terms of concepts, artistic methods, and the involvement of artists from various traditional and contemporary backgrounds. These events are free and no restrictions are placed on artistic expression. • The provision of a wide range of training courses and workshops for artists and beginners. Special programs are offered to attract young people, women, and focus on environmental sustainability. In all the above activities, the Emirates Fine Arts Society works to forge partnership with various government departments and institutions, as well as private institutions and companies, in order to provide support and media sponsorship for all artists.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Among the outcomes achieved: • Since the Association's first annual exhibition in 1980, it has seen a rich diversity of artistic expression, and increased freedom to use and display various traditional and contemporary art styles. • Increasing the participation of women in art exhibitions, after their participation was weak in the past. • Nurturing the diversity of cultural expression among women as it was previously limited to traditional forms of art. • Increasing the number of young artists, the diversity of their artistic productions, their expressive styles, and their opportunities to participate in art exhibitions locally and internationally. • An increased movement of artistic criticism, the expansion of the cultural space in the field of visual arts, and the issuance of exhibition catalogues that contain writing by exhibition evaluators, curators and artists where it was previously restricted to the writings of theoretical critics only. • Large databases of the art movement and its history in the UAE are available in the Association’s archives, supporting artistic cultural and literary records of artists and preserving their artistic and intellectual rights.
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