Festival Eurovisioni Editions (2016-2019)

This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
The cultural association EUROVISIONI -that promotes the festival- is UNESCO’s recognized observer to the Convention 2005 since its inception. For this reason, every year -in the frame of the International Festival di cinema e televisione EUROVISIONI, under the patronage of CICT UNESCO- there is a space dedicated to the cultural diversity. In 2016 this space was devoted to a debate on “The diversity of culture and media in Europe in the new digital ecosystem”, moderated by Xavier Gouyou Beauchamps that had as speakers APT: Marco Follini Eutelsat: Cristiano Benzi France TV: Francis Donnat MIBACT/DGC: Nicola Borrelli RAI: Luca Milano. The debate was accompanied by a selection of movies and tv dramas provided by BBC, FTV, ZDF, RAI. In 2017 , at the museum MAXXI - Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo there was a conference organized with Assessorato alla Crescita Culturale del Comune di Roma ed Eurovisioni on the topic of “Creativity and cultural growth in Europe: which role for public service?” Chairpersons Michel Boyon (Eurovisioni) and Anna Maria Tarantola (RAI’s President) Welcome greetings: Festa del Cinema di Roma, director Antonio Monda; moderated by Duilio Giammaria (RAI) Speaker: Luca Bergamo, Deputy Mayor of Rome; Helen Boaden, BBC news director; Michele Zatta ; RAI Fiction; Guillaume Klossa EBU; Marco Chimenz Cattleya. The debate was accompanied by a selection of movies and tv dramas provided by BBC, FTV, ZDF, RAI. In 2018 Eurovisioni was selected among the cultural initiatives to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage and celebrated it through a series of debates and videoinstallations on this topic. On October 27th a Seminar on “Cultural Heritage and Public Service: comparison between some European Experiences“ was held in Villa Médicis moderated by Duilio Giammaria, RAI, presenter of the programme “Petrolio”. Among the speakers Stephane Millière, Gédéon ; Stefano Monti, Monti & Taft; and Maria Ribelles from Spanish broadcaster RTVE. The debate was accompanied by a selection of movies and tv dramas provided by FTV, ZDF, RAI. In 2019 Eurovisioni dedicated (October 11) another session to “The transposition of the European Copyright reform: which perspective for publishers and rights-holders?” , moderated by AGCOM Commissioner, FRANCESCO POSTERARO that had as Key note speaker GIUSEPPE ABBAMONTE, EC Media Policy Director- To the roundtable, participated FABRIZIO CAROTTI, Director General of the FIEG (publishers association); JEAN BAPTISTE GOURDIN, DG Ministère de la Culture et Communication ; STEFANO LONGHINI, Mediaset; GIANCARLO LEONE, APA ; GIUSEPPE MAZZIOTTI, Trinity College Dublin and ANNE SARAH SKREBERS, EBU. On Saturday October 12, there was another discussion on: “New habits of consumption of ‘digital natives’:an opportunity for media and cinema literacy”, moderated by Duilio Giammaria RAI. Key-note speaker was professor MARCO MARIA GAZZANO, Università Roma Tre, while the participants to the round table were DOMENICO BARBUTO, AGIS and OLIVIER ZEGNA RATA, SPI. The whole event was closed by a speech of JEAN NOEL TRONC, Director General of SACEM, presenting his book on how to preserve Cultural Diversity across Europe , in which he illustrates its “18 proposals to create an European cultural sovereignty”. The conferences were accompanied by a selection of movies and tv dramas provided by FTV, ZDF, RAI.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
The scope of Eurovisioni’s initiatives on Cultural Diversity is to keep alive this topic in the debate of the cultural sphere in Italy. Every year Members of the parliament, EU officials, French and Italian representative of ministry of culture and audio-visual and regulators (CSA et AGCOM) are invited to reflect on topics related to Cultural Diversity. In 2018, in particular, Eurovisioni was one of the few Italian initiatives recognized by EU as witnesses of the debate on cultural heritage and how to revamp and promote its sustainable use through media and audiovisual works. Some high-quality documentaries produced with the most recent technologies (UHDTV, virtual reality) were shown to the international audience of the Festival. In particular in the last years Eurovisioni (in close cooperation with RAI, France Télévisions and the ministries of Culture of Italy and France) is promoting the debate and reflection on the transposition of the UNESCO 2005’s Convention into the digital field. Music, cinema and TV are the media where the digitalization is the most advanced, those -exactly for this reason- that are more at risk to lose their cultural diversity. In this sense the debate on the EU reform of copyright to adapt it to the challenges of internet and on the reform of EU regulation provided useful ideas and contributions that were later bring to the UNESCO 2005 Convention meetings.
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