Facilities for the diffusion and strengthening of the social economy (Agevolazioni per la diffusione e il rafforzamento dell'economia sociale)

Ministry of Economic Development (MISE)
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The decree of 11 June 2020 first of all renews the purpose of the aid scheme, which is now aimed at promoting, in addition to the diffusion and strengthening of the social economy, also the cultural and creative one, supporting the birth and development of new businesses on throughout the national territory.
By cultural and creative enterprises, the MISE means enterprises whose corporate purpose, exclusively or predominantly, is the conception, creation, production, development, dissemination, conservation, research and enhancement or management of cultural products, understood as goods, services and intellectual property relating to literature, music, visual arts, applied arts, live entertainment, cinema and audiovisual, archives, libraries and museums as well as cultural heritage and the innovation processes connected to it, while social enterprises are understood to be subjects who carry out a business activity of general interest, non-profit and for civic, solidarity and utility purposes on a permanent and main basis company, in compliance with the provisions of legislative decree no. 112 of 2017.
The list of beneficiaries, therefore, now includes:
* a) social enterprises, however established, registered in the appropriate section of the business register;
* b) social cooperatives and their consortia registered in the appropriate register and in the appropriate section of the business register;
* c) cooperative companies with the status of Onlus, in compliance with the provisions of articles 101, paragraph 2, and 102, paragraph 2, of legislative decree no. 117-2017 and subsequent amendments and additions;
* d) cultural and creative enterprises, set up in the form of partnerships or corporations, which operate or intend to operate in the economic sectors listed in Annex n 1 to the decree of 11 June 2020.
These companies can also submit the programs jointly, up to a maximum of six co-proposers. In such cases, the investment program must be carried out in compliance with a collaboration agreement.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

The results expected by the measure aims at support:
-a) productive investments, including those that in line with the objectives of Agenda 2030, have an innovative character, high environmental sustainability and take into account social impacts;
-b) the increase in employment of workers with disabilities.

Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)
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