EXPO 2020 Dubai Arts and Culture Program

United Arab Emirates
Expo 2020 Dubai
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

The UAE will host World Expo 2020 in Dubai in 2021 (delayed due to COVID 19 and the world health pandemic), bringing together the world's countries to share their achievements, innovations, inventions and culture. Over 190 countries will come to the UAE and build interactive pavilions inspired by their cultures, to share and showcase their achievements and identity. The subthemes of Expo2020 are opportunity, mobility and sustainability, each theme with a dedicated pavilion that serves as one of the key pillars of Expo2020.

The Arts and Culture Program at Expo2020 will include:
* Permanent art installations commissioned to leading, visionary artists from around the world, set along an art trail within the Expo 2020 site.
* Over 200 food and beverage outlets, ranging from street food to fine dining, and representing authentic local cuisines from around the world.
* A diverse range of arts and culture workshops, installations, shows and performances.
* The UAE's first opera, Al Wasl, which has been specially commissioned by Expo 2020 and will tour after Expo 2020. Al Wasl is being produced in partnership with the Welsh National Opera and will be performed in both English and Arabic.
* A Design and Craft Program to showcase artistic creations from the UAE and collections designed and crafted by international designers exclusively for Expo 2020. Proceeds from the sale of the design pieces will go to the UAE Designer Fund, established by Expo 2020 to support local designers and small and medium-sized design businesses.

The Expo 2020 Dubai site will be transformed into a community known as District 2020 after the conclusion of Expo, and the art pieces commissioned for Expo will remain and become part of the urban fabric of the new neighborhood.

World Expo 2020 will support Least Developed Countries (LDCs) by offering them pavilions to participate in the event for 6 months to showcase their creative goods and products and engage in cultural exchange with all other participating countries.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Expo 2020 through its programs, performances, workshops, installations, designs, and pavilions will see creativity, cultural exchange, innovation and the flow of cultural goods, services into the UAE and out to all corners of the world, at a scale and concentration unlike any other in this period.

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