EU policy collaboration to support mobility

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The European Commission promotes policy collaboration and advocacy among Member States and cultural and creative professionals on social security, taxation, copyright and visa issues to reduce barriers to the inward and outward mobility of artists within the European Union, and third country national artists travelling to the EU Schengen area. During the reporting period this work has included Sectoral social dialogues run by DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion), on: Audiovisual Live performance sector EFA RISE & EFA RISE 2 projects, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme and implemented by EFA - European Festivals Association and PEARLE* - Live Performance Europe, to produce a series of brochures for cultural managers on: - Social security in an international context - Artist taxation in an international context - VAT in an international context - Copyright clearing for live events in an international context - Visas for third countries travelling to the Schengen area
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