Estonian Culture in the World

Estonian Ministry of Culture
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 
For Estonia, it is important in general that Estonian culture is visible and active on the international level, both in form of cultural exchange and co-operation as well as cultural export. One of the tasks of the Estonian Ministry of Culture is to promote the internationalization of Estonian culture, to develop cultural relations and diplomacy between countries facilitating this with different measures. The aim of this specific application round is to contribute to the introduction of Estonia, the promotion of cultural diplomacy and the internationalization of Estonian culture outside Estonia by supporting high-level cultural events related to music, literature, performing arts, film, visual arts, museums, folk culture, architecture, design and Estonian communities abroad. Support can be asked for participation in high-level cultural events important for Estonia and major international events with an Estonian focus, organization of high-level cultural projects, including concerts, performances, exhibitions, etc., organization of and participation in Estonian culture days and Estonian festivals abroad; participation in international networking events, residencies abroad, showcase festivals, and other events promoting the internationalization of Estonian culture. Support cannot be asked for participation in workshops or other self-improvement activities and for the production of works. Legal persons registered in Estonia, state or local government agencies, and self-employed persons may apply for the support. The maximum share of the grant in the eligible costs of the project is 80%. When calculating the share of support, the total contribution of the state is taken into account. At least 20% of the eligible costs of the project must be covered by non-repayable or non-refundable grants from the state, local authorities or other European Union institutions or funds. The minimum and maximum limits apply to the support allocated from the application round (the minimum limit for a project in 2020 is 4,000 euros and the upper limit is 60,000 euros).
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 
The programme has helped various Estonian creative persons, cultural groups and creative enterprises enter the international stage.
Financial resources allocated to the policy/measure in USD: 
2016: 770 000 USD (650 000 EUR) 2017: 770 000 USD (650 000 EUR) 2018: 770 000 USD (650 000 EUR) 2019: 770 000 USD (650 000 EUR)
Partner(s) engaged in the implementation of the measure: 
Has the implementation of the policy/measure been evaluated?: 
If yes, what are the main conclusions/recommendations?: 
More attention needs to be paid to assessing the impact of the measure on its purpose.