Establishment of the e-library "Culture of Ukraine"

Key objectives of the measure:

Establishment of the electronic library "Culture of Ukraine" at the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine contributes to the integration of cultures into the European and global information space. Today, the Digital Library hosts 3476 copies of publications (full texts). Four collections of the electronic library are being formed:

  • history of culture, theory of culture, cultural studies;
  • arts (architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing, arts and crafts, folk arts and crafts, music, dance, choreography, theater, circus, stage, spectacular art, cinema, photography);
  • ethnography (peoples of Ukraine, immovable culture, spiritual culture);
  • cultural institutions (libraries, museums, archives, cultural and artistic educational institutions, foundations, societies, associations, Ukrainian cultural centers abroad).

Also on the basis of individual agreements and memorandum between the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library (Russia) and the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan a number of archival and electronic documents were passed to the digital collections "Culture ofUkraine" of the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine.

Access to cultural values is guaranteed to all the citizens for using documents belonging to the National Archival Fund of Ukraine, library funds belonging to the State Library Fund of Ukraine as well as becoming acquainted with the museum collections belonging to the Museum of the State Fund of Ukraine. Today library facilities of Ukraine have sustainable literature collections in Russian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Jewish, Crimean Tatar, Moldavian, Slovak and other languages of the national minorities living on the territory of Ukraine.

In order to create and develop e-library "Culture of Ukraine" the National Parliamentary Library actively use international cooperation and participate in various international projects. Thus, the library has established cooperation with the World Digital Library (WDL) and takes part in such projects for electronic resources as "Territory of Russia" (Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, Russia) and "Golden Collection of Eurasia" (Library Assembly of Eurasia). Today electronic documents of the National Parliamentary Library are available on the website of the World Digital Library (Electronic Document 67 ), the site of the Boris Y eltsin Presidential Library (Electronic Document 131) and included to "The Golden Collection of Eurasia" (76 electronic documents).

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