Ensuring the dissemination of Portuguese authors abroad

Key objectives of the measure:

In terms of books, this sector falls under the aegis of the Directorate-General for Books and Libraries which is responsible for ensuring the dissemination of Portuguese authors abroad, covering the travel expenses of Portuguese authors and authors from Official Portuguese-speaking African countries who are invited to International literary encounters, such as literary festivals, colloquia, seminars, public readings. The DGLB also provides support for foreign publishers who intend to invite authors for special launch sessions of their translated works. The presence of writers in the launch of their respective foreign translations and publications is considered to be of vital importance and an essential complement to dissemination of the author’s work and the translation support programme. In particular, within the framework of the CPLP countries, the DGLB participates in the “Portuguese-speaking Bibliographical” project, an integrated book and reading programme for official Portuguese-speaking countries, in partnership with other national and African organisations, in order to capitalise upon competencies that exist within the framework of sectorial cooperation. Various initiatives have been developed, such as support for Libraries or organisation of Book Fairs in various countries.

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