Encrypted Video Display Software Development for Fighting Piracy in Film Sector

Ethiopian Film Producer Association, arsemaworku@yahoo.com, +251 911 825743/+251 911151615
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
In today’s digital world, protecting content has become even more important. Digital piracy is costing the Ethiopian entertainment industry a lot of money. Piracy doesn't just affect the entertainment industry, it's affecting the industry's earning potential while also hurting the economy. It results in significant losses to the overall economy of the country, harming businesses ranging from film production companies to the digital content producers that are driving the digital distribution revolution on the online platform. Considering this problem, the Ethiopian Film Producers Association (EFPA) came up with this initiative to reduce the amount of digital piracy by make content hard to steal. EFPA has collaborated with Science Revolution Earth, a local tech company, to develop an Encrypted Video Display with a budget of $30,000. With Encrypted Video Display now a mandatory component for local distribution and forensic watermarking being used more widely, anti-piracy measures have become a standard part of the workflow in forty movie theaters in Addis Ababa. Forensic watermarking, which adds a unique, invisible serial number to video content protects film releases, remaining with the content as it is trans-coded, resized, down-scaled, or otherwise altered for distribution. This initiative has helped hundreds of film producers in protecting their works with traceability. If the content is stolen and redistributed, the film producer will know where the stolen content came from. If a film exhibitor misuses a content, it will be tagged by the system EFPA has developed and we can trace back to the exhibitor.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
The major obstacle facing many Ethiopian film producers is how to secure distribution for their motion picture without their films being stolen. Through this initiative, the Ethiopian Film Producers Association empowered hundreds of local film producers and content creators to control and protect their works for secured distribution in forty movie theaters throughout Addis Ababa. Many independent film producers have improved their skills required to secure an equitable distribution agreement with movie theater owners. Several capacity building training and workshops have been organized by the Ethiopian Film Producers Association to offer tactics and strategies that can be used to obtain a favorable distribution deal for its members as well as other local film producers. EFPA has also conducted awareness sessions for movie theater owners, which allowed more content to be available in more places in a consumer-friendly way so that consumers can buy a movie ticket to watch their favorite films instead of buying a pirated version. With anti-piracy measures increase in independent film distribution in Ethiopia, many local filmmakers are now able to boost their movie ticket sales and benefit better from theatrical distribution. Thus, allowing filmmakers to secure funding and continue producing films with a better budget.
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