Encouraging women’s participation in cultural activities as creators and audiences

Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Information.
Ministry of Women Affairs
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

Bangladesh has taken several measures to support women as creators, producers and also as audiences of cultural activities.
To ensure safe participation in cultural activities, theMinistry of Cultural Affairs and Ministry of Information have taken various initiatives. To start with, the Ministry of Information through the Bangladesh Cinema & Television Institute (BCTI) has formed a committee in order to prevent any kind of harassment. Additionally, a complaint box has been installed as well.
Moreover, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs has taken several initiatives to encourage women'sparticipation in cultural arena. Every year, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy organizes a film festival featuringonlyfilms from female film makers. The role played by women in national development has been encouraged as a subject for filmmaking. A documentary film has been produced on the 'war heroines' of 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh.
Special facilities are being provided to support female visitors to cultural activities. For example, the National Museum has established a breastfeeding corner for visitors.

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Name of partnerType of entity
Bangladesh shipakala Academy
Public Sector
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