Empowering the Role of Women, Young People and Disadvantaged Groups in Social and Cultural Life

Culture and Arts Civil Society Organizations
Private Culture and Arts Institutions
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Private sector organizations operating in the field of culture and arts facilitate the access of disadvantaged groups to art products by providing tickets for people over 65, retirees, teachers, students, and the disabled, such as museums, art galleries, publishing houses, institutes, exhibitions organized in halls suitable for performing arts, festivals, days and weeks with discounted tariffs. Furthermore, by providing free admissions on certain days and hours, the general audience is encouraged to participate in these events. In these activities, volunteering practices ensure that those interested in the fields of culture and arts could gain experience before getting a job in professional business life.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
İŞ SANAT İş Sanat has the mission of supporting the society with culture and art and has continued its activities and studies in music, performing arts, plastic arts, history, museums, and archaeology since the day it was founded. İş Sanat has hosted many events from classical music to jazz and world music, from local projects to dance shows, welcomes its visitors in its concert hall since 2000. In addition, it offers a rich program every season with children's plays that combine music and theatre, the Shining Stars concert series, where young talents have the opportunity to take the stage, and poetry and story concerts. It organizes events in many types of art, from free concerts to classical, jazz, world music, local projects, children's games, and dance. Making art accessible to individuals of all ages with children's plays that bring music and theatre together, İş Sanat stages unique children's projects in its hall every season. In addition, the concert hall, which includes local projects specially prepared for İş Sanat, offers the artists the opportunity to create new projects. AKBANK SANAT Supporting the development of contemporary art in Turkey and including international projects in different art disciplines, Akbank Sanat offers a variety of opportunities for young artists, in particular, to improve themselves. With the mission of being the "place where change never ends," Akbank Sanat organizes more than 700 events annually, hosting a wide range of events ranging from exhibitions to modern dance performances, concerts, panels, children's workshops to film screenings. The Contemporary Art Gallery, which has hosted 150 exhibitions since 1993, includes different projects throughout the year. In addition to the works of world-renowned local and foreign artists, projects that provide opportunities for young artists and curators are also included within the gallery. Offering young people the opportunity to hold an exhibition with the “Akbank Contemporary Artists Award” project, Akbank Sanat is one of the leading institutions in Turkey in this field. In Akbank Art Contemporary Art Workshop, which continues its works to support the theoretical and practical areas of contemporary art and to create a platform for thinking about today's art, workshops on cinema, photography, philosophy, art history, literature, and contemporary art are organized, panels and conversation events attended by well-known local and foreign writers, poets, directors, and critics are held. The Contemporary Art Workshop is also a venue for Akbank Sanat's activities for children. In the workshop, toy sculpture, creative drama, and linoleum printing workshops are organized with the participation of expert trainers and contribute to the artistic development of children. YAPI KREDİ CULTURE AND ARTS Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts host remarkable exhibitions in painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, archaeology, and culture. Nearly 250 cultural and artistic activities are offered to art lovers at Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts every year. In addition, it brings together people of all ages and interests through meetings and interviews with experts in a wide cultural spectrum, ranging from cinema to literature, art history to photography, creative drama, and reading activities for children, teachers, and librarians. Established in 1992, Yapı Kredi Museum has a wide variety of ethnographic collections such as coins, medals, decorations, embroidery, fabric, rosary, watch, Karagöz and Hacivat other "shadow play" characters that have been created within Yapı Kredi Bank since the 1950s. The coin collection, which consists of 55,000 pieces, is among the few collections in the world in terms of chronological integrity; it serves a large number of researchers working in the fields of archaeology, history, and art history at home and abroad, and is cited as a reference by these researchers. Yapı Kredi Publications (YKY), the fruit of the importance and interest in culture and arts, has been the current representative of a deep-rooted publishing tradition since 1945, one of the largest and most influential organizations of the Turkish publishing sector. Aiming to present carefully selected works from Turkey and the world to its readers, YKY is a privileged publishing house for all "book people" who read, write and translate with its books and periodicals from literature to culture, from comics to history, from philosophy to arts. ISTANBUL RESEARCH INSTITUTE Istanbul Research Institute is an institution that aims to research the history, cultural structure, and human profile of Istanbul in a process that includes the Byzantine, Ottoman, and Republic periods by following the traces of civilization expanding from the center to the periphery to develop and support projects for this purpose, to share the results obtained by organizing national and international meetings and events with the relevant institutions and to convey them to the public through broadcasting.
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