Doc T.V.

Uruguayan Film and Audiovisual Institute, MEC
Key objectives of the measure:

The objectives of DocTV include the encouragement of cultural and economic exchange between the Ibero-American peoples, the introduction of comprehensive public policies to support the production and TV screening of documentaries in the countries of the region and the dissemination of the cultural production of the Ibero-American peoples on the world market. Uruguay has been participating since 2006. ( 

Scope of the measure:
National, International
Main feature of the measure:

This initiative of the Conference of Ibero-American Film Authorities and the Foundation of the New Latin American Cinema introduces a pioneering model for the coproduction, TV screening and distribution of documentaries, which has been systemized following the concept of network operations and put into practice through the network La RED Doctv (a strategic alliance of public audiovisual and television authorities. Currently it has fifteen Latin American member states). Programme-related actions are financed by the Doctv Fund (FONDO Doctv), carried out by the executive secretariat of the Ibero-American Film and backed by the sponsors of the Doctv Programme. 

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure: