Digitalization Center in National Institute for Cultural Heritage and project "Empowering museums through technology”

National Institute for Cultural Heritage
Ministry of Culture
Albanian - American Development Foundation
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

-Considering the process of digitalization of heritage as a challenge of the future, the Ministry of Culture has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, with Albanian - American Development Foundation (AADF), for the establishment of the Digital Platform for Cultural Heritage Sector (or Digitalization Center) with dedicated space, technological equipment of high standards and staff qualified.
This unit is a structure of the Institute of Cultural Monuments, a subordinate institution of the Ministry of Culture. Its establishment is in the continuation of the project "Empowering museums through technologyl".
Two years ago, AADF and the Ministry of Culture signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development and improvement through technology of the two national museums dedicated to medieval art and iconography, namely the National Museum of Iconography ONUFRI in Berat and the National Museum of Medieval Art in Korca. The project is divided into three phases, the evaluation of museum collections, their digitization and the implementation of interactive technology in museums. For this project AADF allocated a budget of 650,000 USD.
-The National Institute of Cultural Heritage administers the National Webgis platform of the cultural monuments and sites and also the national webgis platform of the archaeological designated zones and archaeological service in Albania. Cultural heritage properties are registered in the database administered by the National Institute of registration of Cultural Heritage.
Information on values, state of conservation for each monument and cultural heritage site is provided through the individual monuments' files which can be visualized by clicking on specific monuments or designated areas in the Webgis platform.

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

This project aims to amplify the unique value of these museums by merging cultural heritage and new technology, both promising assets for a sustainable development of museum as main pillars of cultural tourism industry. At the end of the first phase, which consisted of evaluating the collections of the two aforementioned museums and training their staff to use RTI and 3D photography methods, follows the second one for the digitization of museum collections with advanced technology, in function preserving, promoting and wider public access to them.

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Albanian - American Development Foundation
Private Sector
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