The digital content in the field of culture

Key objectives of the measure:

As a result of the implementation of the Culture of Belarus State Programme for 2011-2015, which prescribed "ensuring free and equal access to information resources and library collections for different groups of the population", the attendance of libraries, including remote users, has increased. The National Library of Belarus has created a consolidated electronic information resource of the national bibliography of Belarus. Access to electronic information resources is provided through the Virtual Reading Room of the National Library, the electronic document delivery, and the Ask a Librarian virtual service. The creation of virtual tours and exhibitions has speeded up, which provides a broaden access to the cultural heritage presented in the museums. The National History Museum of the Republic of Belarus has run the Museum to Children with Velcom Project in the form of an electronic version of Muzejnyja Vandroŭkі (Adventures in the Museum) Magazine, which is available online.

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