Development of contents through the production of multimedia materials and other audiovisuals (produced by Ediciones CUBARTE)

Ministry of Culture, Centre of Informatics for Culture-CUBARTE
Key objectives of the measure:
  1. Elaborate materials of a biographical nature (on cultural figures and institutions).
  2. Recover in digital format journals and collections that are now unavailable, though a facsimile edition, when the original documents cannot be accessed either because they are inexistent or seriously deteriorated.
  3. Design a line of multimedia products based with a cultural outlook, for children, of an eminently educational nature.
  4. Extend to the entire population through multimedia and audiovisual productions the localisation of contents with heritage value (ranging from specific publications to longstanding community events).
  5. Rescue the historical memory of our country adopting a cultural approach.

(See Additional Annex 3, Table 3.)

Scope of the measure:
National, International
Nature of the measure:
Main feature of the measure:

Ensures the production and dissemination of multimedia materials and audiovisuals which recover publications, events, locations, collections and other aspects, related mainly to heritage, without being restricted only to them.

A considerable amount of the productions part from a process of digitising, cleaning and indexing analogical contents from different sources in order to make the digital product.     

The measure counts with the participation of institutions with an important cultural heritage, such as the José Martí National Library, the Museum of Music, the EGREM record company, among others.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

Dissemination through digital products dealing with heritage contents, biographies (on outstanding figures and institutions), history, as well as others specifically designed for children, as a means to diversify production with a cultural outlook promoting the recovery of values among the entire population.

Availability of a wide range of magazines, collections and other materials which cannot be accessed through any other means.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

It is developed through funds allocated by the State to the budget of the Centre of Informatics for Culture. Part of those resources is reimbursed through the commercial sale of productions.

Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)