Developing Literature Creatives from Interdisciplinary sectors that are out of the Creative Sector

Ethiopian Writers Association
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
The Ethiopian Writers Association organizes annual training and awareness creation for people that are not in literature but are potential writers ranging from 10th grade to Masters level given by University Teachers and Practicing Professionals in literature and folklore. The training, which is a certification program is given with other partnering creative sectors like theatre, film, music, painting, and more to the trainees. The training enrolls up to 60 participants with a budget of 35,000 USD (150,000 Br) per year. After training is delivered, the Association provides opportunities to the trained participants to present and showcase their literature work on several platforms like Radio Shows and Public Presentations that are owned and organized by the Association.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
The primary results of the training sessions in the past four years has trained and certified up to 240 participants with were not part of the creative industry. And in the past two years, this platform has created the opportunity to publish more than ten books in different languages with more than 30,000 copies printed. Out of the ten books published, Two are children books and Four Poetries in Amharic, Poetries in Tigrigna and Oromiffa, and two novels in Amharic. The other results achieved are how the trained participants are creating awareness of literature art when they are going back to their daily jobs. The trainees have developed and promote the literature by integrating with their daily jobs and elevating professionalism and creating a strong culture of literature in their ecosystem. The program also worked with high school graduates in orienting and helping them make thought out decisions when joining universities in the creative sector. The training has also increased the reading habits and behaviors of students by helping them cope up with their daily routine.
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