Determination of manifestations and festivals of special importance

Key objectives of the measure:

Pursuant to the Law on Culture, the Government of Montenegro passed in 2008 the Decree on the Criteria for Determination of Manifestations and Festivals of Special Importance for the Culture of Montenegro. Through obtaining the status of special importance, festivals were provided with new organization and production plan, adequate management structure and secure sources of financing (state and municipal). During 2009 and 2010, the status of the festivals of special importance for the culture of Montenegro was obtained by 4 festivals: the Film Festival in Herceg Novi, the international festival of multimedia character Kotor Art, the International TV Festival in Bar and Ratkovic Poetry Evenings in Bijelo Polje, as festivals that have special programme profiles, long tradition and good production and organization conditions, based on Montenegrin cultural scene.
The main goals in implementation of this measure refer to the needs to maintain recognition, quality and support for innovation in festival offer.
The challenges in implementation of this governmental measure with regard to festivals and manifestations of special importance and the quality of their programme contents include defining of stable and additional sources of financing and reaching self-sustainability, as well as the need of institutional reorganizing.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

The most significant effects of recognizing manifestations and festivals of special importance is their confirmation and positioning as international cultural brand of Montenegro and the points for meeting and exchange of conceptual, creative and educational reach of the cultural brand of national and international cultural acters.
The success indicator is a quantity and quality growth in affirmed participants not only from the regional but also from broader international framework. This confirms that these manifestations are one of the generators of mobility of artists, ideas and their creation potential.

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