Department of Visual Arts

National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL)
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With the objective of spreading knowledge on visual arts and architecture, INBAL carries out permanent, temporary and itinerant exhibitions, through the Department of Visual Arts of INBAL (CNAV, Coordinacion Nacional de Artes Visuales) and its 18 museums, as well as non-formal education programs in each museum for both general and young audiences diverse activities such as lectures, workshops, seminars, roundtables, film series, homages, book presentations, etc, like the following:
-Museum of Modern Art: Outside-the-museum program that visits elementary schools to share the main works of the museum's collection.
-Ciudad Juarez Art Museum. Guided visit school program that invites schools from all educational levels to its premises.
-Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo Museum. Guided visit school program that invites schools from all educational levels to its premises.
-San Carlos National Museum: Outside-the-museum program that visits elementary school to share the main works of the museum's collection to children in low-income areas in Mexico City and its metropolitan area.
-Sala de Arte Publico Siqueiros: Museum logbook. Educational program in which children registered objects, images and emotions perceived and experimented during their visit and were invited to participate voluntarily by proposing a museographic proposal.
INBAL museums have included within their normal activities, guided visits focused on vulnerable audiences like visually and auditive challenged people, children with brain palsy and senior citizens.
Likewise, the Architecture Department (DACPAI, Direccion de Arquitectura y Patrimonio Artistico Inmueble) , DACPAI, and the National Center for Conservation and Register of Artistic Heritage, (CENCROPAM, Centro Nacional para la Conservacion y Registro del Patrimonio Artistico Mueble) promote and participate in several platforms for the dissemination of the work of significant artists and architects, as well as of artistic and architectural related topics.
In regard to the indigenous people involvement and access to culture, and in the framework of the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, a guided visit in Nahuatl language was carried out in the Diego Rivera's Mural Museum.
In parallel, INBAL carries out the Art Passport Program, an activity aimed at girls and boys between 6 and 12 years, which seeks to bring them closer to the different artistic manifestations, through guided visits to museums, buildings of historical, artistic and architectural value, as well as monuments.
It includes the integration between parents and children, as well as promoting values such as tolerance, inclusion, rights and obligations of girls and boys, among other issues. In each of the activities carried out in the program, there is the participation of a Mexican Sign Language interpreter who will support people with hearing impairment and sensitize the other attendees.
Furthermore, the National Museum of Arts (Museo Nacional de Arte) hosts the exhibition "Voces de la Tierra, Lenguas Indigenas", a project developed with the loan of works of art of the Mexican Center of Historical Studies, and the curatorial assistance of the National Institute of Indigenous Languages.
In the last years, communication activities of visual arts and architecture, specially exhibitions has been organized in collaboration with other public or private institutions, as well as with support of their Board of Trustees.
Regarding job creation and entrepreneurship promotion policies, 7 visual arts projects have been awarded with the fiscal stimulus EFIARTES.

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