Denmark Reads campaign

Ministry of Culture
Key objectives of the measure:

In 2013, the Ministry of Culture launched the national campaign “Denmark Reads” to promote reading of litterature – especially among people who seldom or never reads litterature (which is estimated to be 40 pct. of the Danish population). The campaign contained two efforts: Firstly, a competition, where municipalities competed to be Denmarks ‘smartest' reading municipality. The municipalities were judged by different criteria, but in short the municipalities with the most effective and original new reading experiments were awarded. In May 2015, Randers Municipality was announced winner. Secondly, a “Denmark is Reading Day” was held 23rd of April 2015 (on UNESCO’s World Book Day).  On this day, volunteers handed out 5 different Danish titles in 100.000 copies to people who do not read on a regular basis. The titles were carefully selected by an expert panel and chosen from a list of 60 titles suggested by publishers.

Scope of the measure:
Local, National
Nature of the measure:
regulatory, institutional
Main feature of the measure:

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Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

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