Dance Platform of Ibero-America.

Ministry of Education and Culture
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The elaboration of a Dance National Plan in Uruguay is a process which began in 2014, as an initiative from actors from that cultural sector who boosted the generation of a managerial team with the aim of articulate the interinstitutional dialogue between those with responsibilities in the implementation of dance programmes. Its final objective is to build, in a participative way and under a territorial and sectorial perspective, public policies and strategic lineaments for the period 2020-2030, oriented to the sustainability, development and visibility of dance as a right and a cultural practice.
The Dance National Plan was foundational partner of the Dance Platform of Iberoamerica, a project originated by the initiative of Dance South American Net and consolidated after a process of regional dialogue that took place between 2014 and 2017. Uruguay has signed in 2019 this project, whose general objective is to "enrich the ibero-american cultural space, by favouring regional integration with instruments that contribute to the formulation of policies stimulating dance, the knowledge exchange and the identification of challenges and agendas, in order to build cooperation projects in the region. National authorities of member states on the domain of dance are partakers in the Dance Platform of Iberoamerica (PID by its initials in english).

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The process of meetings around this project produced an agreement, signed by Culture Ministers of members state, which formalized this platform as an instrument for cooperation and regional initiatives development.

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Ministry of Education and Culture
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