Cultural programs, projects, competitions and grants

Key objectives of the measure:

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine is in charge of providing protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions. The main instruments of the policy implementation are fulfillment of the government programs in the cultural field; providing state financial support that occurs on a competitive basis and carried out in the relevant areas of budget programs. In 2013, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has implemented and conducted the first competition Fair of ideas aimed at funding for the supporting free scene initiatives in culture.

As a result, Ministry selected 14 projects, which promote and disseminate various cultural practices and cultural forms of expression. These projects were initiated by the cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations and individuals. Some projects to mention are: artworks competition "Cultural Heritage of Ukraine for Children with Disabilities", introduction of innovative forms of work in the Museum "The Museum at the Theatre," street art project for young artists from Ukraine and Poland for creativity in the form of residences.

The joint implementation oithe mentioned above projects should promote a new technologies in the cultural institutions, with activities different forms of property, provide access to cultural products and the development of creative abilities of different groups of people, including with disabilities. The Ministry of Culture was allocated appx. 1 million UAH for funding and co-funding of the project initiatives in 2014. Since 2012, annually Ministry of Culture held the "The Competition for determining cultural programs (projects, events), which are worked out by NGOs and Creative Unions and are a subject to financial support by the state budget".

In 2013, the Competition Commission under the Ministry has chosen 10 winners, which obtained financial support 480 thousand UAH in total. Among them: IX Festival of the New Georgian Cinema that aims to introduce a wide range of Ukrainian viewers with news and features of the contemporary Georgian cinema, and release of historical and cultural magazine - "Sakartvelo" in Georgian.

In comparison to 2012 the Ministry funded 5 winning projects, different trends, in particular, the formation of the national identity and patriotic education of young people and the development of cultural diversity in Ukraine, resocialization of people with disabilities as well as social and environmental areas.

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