Cultural programs and projects involving young people

Key objectives of the measure:

During the period 2015-2016, Ecuador promoted four major lines of work. It should be noted that actions identified are exclusively for young people, which leaves out various programs and plans addressed to general public and therefore also young beneficiaries.

Lines of work:

1. Training, work and entrepreneurship

Creative writing laboratories: literacy program that seeks the empowerment of reading skills through the creation of literary and narrative texts in the Senplades zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

2. Social Acting, participation and volunteering

Meetings developed in Ecuadorian provinces of young cultural managers to define local needs and proposals for the cultural sector.

  • “Chimbacalle: an organization project for  art, culture and  citizen security", an inter- institutional project to deal with organizational aspects of the Ciudadela El Recreo neighborhood, the fabric of collective memory, community work, as well as training of cultural movements. Development of the national graffiti contest: “Al tren en latas”.
  • Memory and identity: process of reflection on memory and identity stories with young fishermen (Santa Elena).
  • Identity and social action: through "Cineforo" format and the use of image and narratives methodologies to promote the dissemination of documentary film, debate and youth organization in Quito.
  • Strengthening the Rock Movement: spaces for dialogue, participation and reflection on the impact of the movement in the definition of public policy and design of the Culture Law.
  • Strengthening of Hip-Hop Movement: spaces for dialogue, participation and reflection on the impact of the movement in the definition of public policy and the design of the Culture Law.
  • Agreement  between  the  Ministry  of  Culture  and  Ministry  of  Social  and  Economic Inclusion for the implementation of “Leonidas Proaño Mission”.
  • Participation in the inter-institutional table and implementation of the National Youth Forum.
  • Strengthening of urban cultures in public space.
  • ALTERARTE Project: process of participation and artistic creation with young people, which included reflection on cultural rights and cultural diversities, through workshops of artistic experimentation in 5 neighborhoods of Quito, which focus was the strengthening of neighborhood identity and community organization.

3. Use of free time

  • Process of cultural strengthening aimed to young people and adolescents in strategic sectors of Guayaquil, through Community Intercultural Centers, within the framework of the Afro-descendants Decade and Ruta Cimarron.
  • Process of using free time through the exploration of artistic abilities of young people in a human mobility situation with FOTOVOZ methodology: photography and life stories.
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