Cultural cooperation program between Ministry of Culture and Roberto Cemita Fund (RCF)

Key objectives of the measure:

 1. To develop the joint cooperation in different artistic and cultural fields between Iraq and Roberto Cemita Fund (RCF) for supporting Iraqi artists.

2. To facilitate the mobility of talented  and those  interested in culture and arts all over the world.

3. To avoid obstacles that impede  movement  of the artists and those who are interested in the cultural affairs within  Arabic and European region, such as lack of funding and information and obtaining a visa and crossing the borders.

4. Helping to find the opportunities and meeting partners, in order to establish the joint artistic and cultural projects, whether it  is individual or collective levels .

5.  To support  creators and artists  who have cultural projects and  couldn't  finance it.

Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
regulatory, financial
Main feature of the measure:

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities represented by Cultural Relations Directorate  signed up in the middle of 2014 joint cultural cooperation program with Roberto Cemita Fund RCF , the program aims to :

1. To sponsor Iraqi artists interested in culture, arts and cultural productions and developing their artistic skills.

2. To facilitate their movements to the countries of the  world through  their participation to organize artistic exhibitions or other proposed cultural programs by them.

3. Finding other partners to obtain enough expertise  and  finance to achieve their cultural projects.

4. The Program  seeks cultural exchange in the Arab-Europe region to gain  international experience for Iraqi artists and create interaction between  artist and recipient.

5. The program is available for the artistic and cultural fields and projects (single and multiple) . Thus artists  and those who act in art will be chosen  according to the  program quality proposed by them,  and its impact on the cultural sustainable development in Iraq.


Results expected through the implementation of the measure:


Roberto Cemita Fund RCF provided grants to all targeted groups for :

1.  Financing the industrial , artistic and cultural projects implemented by:

 -  Hella Mewis / German/ by using Graphic in cultural work ,with amount 750 in 2014 .

  - Adyth Henry / French/ Holding a plastic arts gallery in Kurdistan Iraq, with amount 880 in 2015.

 -  Mazin Mahdi Shirabyani / Iraqi/ Developing a documentary film project, with amount 600 2015.

 -  Basim Yousri / Egyptian/ Holding a cultural week for arts to Iraqi youth, with amount 600  2015.

   - Sirlak Anyta Ganekosaka / Polish/ Researching to video archive , with amount 1200 2015.

2. Financing  training courses: The following names participated in training courses in order to develop creative abilities of those who are responsible of its administration  :

 -  Ameen Alwan  Gabbar / Iraqi – for training with the French band (Anki) for dance arts  and drama with amount 1000 2014.

  - Saad Alwan / Iraqi- for participating in training and developing that used local colors  in Italy , with amount 800 2014.

Angela Bosko Fitch / Italian – for training displaced and refugees who came to Kurdistan region, with amount 650 2014.

  - Zain al-Abideen Al- Shimari / Iraqi, for training on Interactive theater in Bulgaria, with amount 700 in 2015.



3. Attending Seminar or a conference to practically participate and benefitting of  the cultural  and artistic experiences as below :

Yasin Al-Nasir /Iraqi / to participate in Architectural Arts Festival in Bulgaria, with amount 1000 in 2015.

Hashim Al- Timimi / Iraqi / to participate in Architectural Week in Bulgaria , with amount 1000 in 2015 .

Tersy Rosenburg / British / Attending International Literature Festival in Iraq , with amount 1100 in 2015.

Mohammed Abdul Razaq Raof / Iraqi / Attending Conference of Roberto Cemita Organization in Paris ,with amount 750 in 2017.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

(20000$) twenty thousand dollars given by Ministry of Culture to the Fund  according to the above-mentioned convention as the following :

1.  The amount allocated for grants is (14000 $) fourteen thousand dollars.

2.  The amount allocated to manage move on program is (4000 $) four thousand dollars.

3.  The amount allocated for operation costs of the fund is (2000 $) two thousand dollars.