Creative Industry

Key objectives of the measure:

In 2011, the Ministry submitted to the session of the Slovak Government the Baselines for the Concept for the Promotion of the Cultural and Creative Industry in the SR.
Pursuant to the resolution of the European Parliament of 12 May 2011 on Unlocking the Potential of Cultural and Creative Industries, these industries in the EU provide 5 million jobs and comprise 2.6% of its GDP. The cultural and creative industry is one of the driving forces of growth in the EU; it creates new jobs, plays a key role within the framework of global value chains and instigates innovations, brings added value as an element of social coherence and serves as an effective instrument in combating the current recession.

  1. The Baselines summarise the issues of creative economics and the creative industry and map examples of the positive effect of the creative industry on the economies of countries that supported its growth; they point out the potential of creative economics in the future, name the tools for the promotion of the creative industry and the development of creative economics in terms of the Slovak Republic and propose the steps which must be taken at the state administration to ensure increased growth, development and positive effects on the economy and society in this sector.
  2. The creative industry and creative economics in particular are beyond the agenda of the Ministry. Based on experience from abroad, the operative cooperation of the affected ministries and in the area of the executive attributing of priorities at the Slovak Government level are necessary for the development of creative economics. Therefore, the institutionalization of cooperation of the affected organs by the establishment of a permanent joint coordination organ composed of representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the SR, the Ministry of Finance of the SR and the Ministry of Culture of the SR, as well as other subjects of the public and private sector operating in the field of creative industry is a suitable solution.The Ministry allocated 10,000 € for the elaboration of the material entitled, Baselines for the Concept for the Promotion of the Cultural and Creative Industry in the SR.
  3. Problems for the creative industry include the lack of information of affected subjects regarding issues of intellectual ownership rights, its imperfect application in civil and business relations, the failure to apply the instruments for enforceability provided by Directive No. 48/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council on Enforceability of Intellectual Ownership Rights, as well as overall length of court proceedings. Therefore it is necessary to popularize the creative industry as such, to enhance consumer awareness of the significance of supporting innovation and the demand for products with added value and on intellectual ownership rights and the relations arising from them.
  4. The Concept for the Promotion of the Cultural and Creative Industry in the SR shall be elaborated in 2012 according to these baselines.
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