Creative Europe- In/visible cities-international festival of urban multimedia

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Key objectives of the measure:

"In/Visible Cities" is an international festival of urban multimedia with a widespread and cross border approach which aims to promote the interaction between technological innovation and artistic multimedia expressions as tool for urban spaces revitalisation. The Festival offers installations and multimedia shows, workshops and performances, focusing on "visible cities", as theme for reflection and artistic action, and on "Invisible Cities", with their history and their potential for future change. Festival activities take place at the same time in Trieste, Gorizia and Nova Gorica  After the event, some spin-off will be set up in partner countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Holland, England) in order to promote the circulation of works and artists through the rearrangement of best installations and performances. The Festival adopts a special formula which, besides supporting dialogue between different media languages, guarantees a varied activities offer: the reflection on the city is the focus of general public events while training initiatives and exchange of know-how are dedicated specially to students, artists and professionals. The Festival aims to bring general public closer to new contemporary art expressions and, at the same time, it intends to consolidate the audience of professionals such as artists, architects, designers, new media experts which collaborate within the city adopting an innovative approach. The Festival’s offer is divided into 4 different sections: 

  • MAJOR EVENTS: events of great spectacular impact dedicated to the large public.
  • EXPERIENCES: the main section which presents the performances produced by the festival or by guests chosen by the artistic committee.
  • DISCOVERIES: contest dedicated to emerging talents who have the opportunity to realize their work in the spaces of the festival.
  • MEETINGS: seminars and workshops with artists and professionals; presentation of innovative projects. 


Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
Main feature of the measure:

Visible cities and invisible cities coexist and interact. In/visible cities International Urban Multimedia Festival aims to discover and to reflect on the complexity that interconnects cities and human beings unveiling endless emotional dimensions by using the potential offered by digital, multimedia and interactive art languages

The art works will act directly on physical spaces transforming them in active, significant elements able to tell stories and transmit emotions. The new technologies will offer a variety of approaches to research what does not appear visible within the cities, their histories and the many stories of the different communities, the social and economic relations among their inhabitants. The artworks will also explore the human ability to imagine and to plan for the future. Additionally, the festival aims to stimulate the communication between artists and audiences developing participatory performances and interactive dialogues.

The festival newly conceived concept of #urbanmultimedia includes all possible relationships between visible and invisible cities and the artistic and technological languages atbol and narrate their urban heritages.

Cities are lively, composite, constantly changing spaces; houses, streets, squares, courtyards, industrial buildings, green areas form a rich visual, audio and tactile mosaic. Human beings live and act in these spaces creating relationships and conflicts, both among them and in relation to the urban spaces. The physical structure of the cities influences the citizens’ behaviour as much as the human activity contributes to change living spaces. When a special event connects the little stories of individual and communities to the great history of nations and masses, the visible and invisible signs of what happened remain forever not only in the memory of the witnesses but also in the stones, in the ravines and in the voids which gradually but constantly have been changing the urban structure.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

The mission of In\Visible Cities is coherent with the objectives of the program Creative Europe promoted by the European Union:

  • to promote the development and requalification of urban spaces through multimedia and interactive languages;
  • to promote the innovation in the field of multimedia technologies applied to artistic and cultural projects;
  • to enhance the development of new audience;
  • to promote the cultural heritage tangible and intangible;
  • to support the exchange of artists and works of art/shows in Europe;
  • to promote the debate among accomplished and emerging artists and to create a network which will strengthen itself with the passing of time;
  • to support the enhancement of the artists’ professional capabilities;
  • to offer visibility in a European context to young and emerging artists, giving them the chance to fulfill their ideas and make them circulate across Europe.In\Visible Cities is the International Urban Multimedia Festival  
Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

199,958 euros (EU 60% badget founded). The 40% rest is funded by the following partners:

  • Associazione Quarantasettezeroquattro, Italy;
  • Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development, Croatia;
  • Association Metamedia, Croatia;
  • Kulturno Izobrazevalno Drustvo Pina, Slovenia;
  • Puntozero Società Cooperativa, Italy;
  • Stichting Oddstream, Netherlands