Creative cities networks

Key objectives of the measure:

Aveiro Municipal Council participates in the CREART Cultural Cooperation Project, Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, as the only Portuguese city participating in this programme, which highlights art and creativity. This project consists of a network of 14 European cities and urban spaces that represent the diversity and richness of European culture. CREART aims to facilitate cultural development at the European level, via networking, sharing of experiences, incorporation of new methods of artistic work and promotion of the trans-national mobility of artists, producers of works, that will bring together artists and their respective countries. Various activities will be held in Aveiro over the next 5 years, such as auditions of local artists in relation to the official and technological practise developed in education and artistic training centres, itinerant European exhibitions, conferences, amongst other activities. Aveiro is also a member of the Art Nouveau Network, whose objective is to catalyse Portuguese and international art nouveau, co-operating with the different countries and fostering best practices. Almada participates in the Ibero-American network of Cities for Culture, the International Association of Educating Cities and the Union of Portuguese speaking capital cities, contributing to the development of inter-municipal relations and fostering understanding and bilateral cooperation within the Portuguese speaking world, through the effective exchange of experiences and knowledge in the cultural, scientific and technological fields. Tavira also takes part in artistic and heritage-based cooperation networks, such as the AVEC (Alliance de Villes Européennes de Culture) and develops strategic partnerships with institutions that foster international cooperation for presentation of projects in Tavira.

Amadora municipal council has an Intermunicipal cooperation agreement with Tarrafal (in Cape Verde), which involves various municipalities, for production of animation cinema and sending material to libraries cinema. Évora takes part in the Oralities Project, which involves cities from Malta, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria, whose activities already developed and to be developed during the four years of the project, aim to foster trans-national circulation of cultural operators, cultural agents and musical groups and cooperation and exchange of experiences. Lagos participates in the cross-border cooperation project, DESCUBRITER, and is the seat of a UNESCO Centre and has commenced implementation of the Slavery Museum in the Slave Market building, within the framework of UNESCO’s international project, the “Slave Route”.

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