Cosquillas de Colores Mobile Game

This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
At Muxbit we work for all those parents and caregivers who recognize the importance of accompanying their children at the beginning of their use of digital technologies. That is why our commitment is to produce safe and quality content that fosters healthy, respectful and fun interaction between the different members of the family. Under this mission, we developed and produced the game for mobile devices called Cosquillas de Colores (Color Tickles): its gameplay is based on the act of painting, and colors have a symbolic value associated with cultural diversity and joy. For the context of the 2005 Convention, our efforts are aligned in supporting digital literacy and promoting cultural and creative content in the digital environment (skills and competences, spaces for creation, innovation, research and development, etc.), as well as artistic and media actions that promote the diversity of cultural expressions. Cosquillas de Colores is a game where the challenge is to bring back joy to some cute characters who have lost their color and are therefore grumpy, scared and crying. To do it, players use their fingertips to reveal their true identity and in that contact they will tickle the characters, who will move around and make funny sounds, making the game fun and challenging. This simple gameplay is designed to create stronger ties within the families, because Cosquillas de Colores is not designed to play alone, on the contrary, it is collaborative games where adults have the opportunity to accompany children in their first interactions with mobile devices, to guide and protect them through a game mechanism that can also be fun for grown-ups. The game also becomes a chance to talk about diversity and empathy, about those who we think are different, those who need help and, of course, a chance to feel joy with the happiness of the other.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
The most important result is knowing that we have active players of Cosquillas de Colores, that is, families who share time with their children, bringing them closer to technology in a safe way. The game surpassed 500+ downloads in the GooglePlay store during its first year and has received excellent reviews from its users. As part of the dissemination strategy for the game, activities were carried out to reach different audiences, mainly in the city of Cali. In the year 2018 we participated with the project in the MICBR business roundtable (Brazil), where we were able to create alliances and strengthen our network of contacts with other companies in the sector. Likewise, we have been showcased in local digital, print and audiovisual media, which has allowed us to expand our audience and become part of the content on the Maguaré portal of the Ministry of Culture.
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