Continuing the measures to value cultural diversity

Key objectives of the measure:

Estonia is a multicultural country with a strong cultural identity. The cultural diversity springs from a wealth of diverse regions, languages and cultural heritage – diverse cultural expressions and mores. The Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education and Science seek to secure equal opportunities for language and cultural minorities and special-needs groups to participate in culture and express their creativity. There are currently seven state programmes that support regional activities to promote and protect cultural diversity in various areas of Estonia. The period of programmes is usually four years; they are updated on regular bases19. There is also financing measure to NGOs (base-line funding) that organise various events to promote and practice rich cultural tradition of different countries and regions20. The state has subsidised these activities since 1991. Currently there are more than 200 NGOs that benefit from the programme. These organisations carry out different projects e.g. folk culture festivals, educational activities, seminars, work-shops and many other events related to popularise their ethnical roots. To make these initiatives more visible and spread best practices there is a website that is also supported by the state.

Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
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