Conference on Cultural Diversity Ministerial Forum of the Asia Pacific Region, Dhaka 2012

Key objectives of the measure:

The main objectives of this High-level Conference were as follows:
1. Have a substantial exchange on ongoing implementation initiatives in the different Asia-Pacific countries that have ratified the convention, regarding i.e. cultural policy and programmes, the involvement of stakeholders in their design, creative industries, development strategies, funding schemes and other relevant issues; success, challenges and future action.
2. Identify the challenges and opportunities for cultural cooperation for development in the region.
3. Explore the possibility of establishing a network for sharing information and knowledge on policies for protecting and promoting the diversity of cultural expressions to build up bilateral and multilateral relationships between countries in the region. 4. Clarify key concepts and objectives of specifically the 2005-Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expression, in order to understand the unique value and contribution of the Convention and how it distinguishes itself from the other UNESCO Culture Conventions.
5. Encourage more ratification in the Asia-Pacific Region.
.Positive impact was observed in Asia pacific region in favor of the Convention on the protection and promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions 2005. Bangladesh has played an important role for implementing convention in this region. After this Forum, other countries might be inspired to ratify the convention in near future.
28 countries from Asia pacific region participated in this forum including UNESCO delegations. Dhaka Declarations is a significant step for implementing convention in this region.

Main feature of the measure:

A 3-day long Cultural Diversity Ministerial Forum of the Asia-Pacific Region was organized in Dhaka from 9 to 11 May 2012 where 44 countries participated. The sessions consisted of opening and closing sessions, plenary sessions as well as panel discussions. Total budget of the event was 363426.00 USD for the year 2011-12.
That among 44 Asia-pacific countries only 12 countries have ratified the convention, is not an encouraging news. So the main challenge was to ensure the participation of other countries in this program; and particularly those countries that did not ratify the convention yet.