The Comprehensive Policy on the National Development (2007-2021)

Key objectives of the measure:

“The Comprehensive Policy on the National Development of Mongolia based on the Millennium Development Goals /from 2007 to 2021/” has been adopted by a resolution no. 12 of the State Ikh Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia on 31st January, 2008. The Policy indicated the following provisions:

4.6. Policy on development of culture and arts
The Mongolia’s policy on development of culture and arts is to protect and conserve the progressive achievements and values of Mongolian culture and civilization via creation an adequate balance between the tradition and innovation of national culture and arts, to strengthen and develop the stand of the national culture with respect to those of the world culture, to turn products of the national culture and arts into the economically viable cycle, and to protect the intellectual properties for our nation.

The strategic goal no.1.

  • To create the environment both economically and organizationally suitable for the effective development of the national culture and arts;
  • To expedite the transfer processes of cultural management, institutionalization, and financing into the procedures of market economy and to upgrade the professional as well as management skills and capabilities at all stages of the sector;
  • To elaborate and implement the legal framework for the financing upto the certain percentage from the developmental funds those products, works and measures, which have the significant importance both from the national as well as international perspective.

The strategic goal no.2.

  • To deliver the easily accessible and good quality service of culture and arts to population, and to gain a noticeable progress in way of meeting the intellectual demand of our fellow citizens:
  • To study with a certain of stages the intellectual demands of Mongolian nation, its ethnic groups, its national minorities and various social strata within the nation to choose and select types of services on the culture and arts as well as the effective methods and forms of the service delivery which are suitable to them;
  • To create establish the environment and conditions conducive in inheriting and further developing our national Mongolian script;
  • To preserve, conserve, and restore the tangible and intangible heritage of traditional culture of Mongolians, and to advocate and develop the policy allowing this heritage as available and accessible as the public domain not only nationally but also internationally as the source of the comprehension and education;
  • The State and Government will initiate and implement the national programme and project designed to encourage and develop the national traditional as well as the classic arts and the arts specially dedicated for the children;
  • Elaborate and implement the standard normative that meets the contemporary demands and requirements with respect to the facilities of the culture and arts institutions, purpose of the constructions and buildings, the hygiene, esthetics, technical, and service particulars”.

In order to implement the strategic goals as indicated by “the Comprehensive Policy on the National Development of Mongolia based on the Millennium Development Goals /from 2007 to 2021/,” the organizational measures are reflected and provisioned in the Programme of Actions of the Government, annual state budgets, and socio-economic development guidelines.

As to the framework of the comprehensive policy, the national programmes are elaborated anew and revised, and the organizational measure is taken for the implementation. For example, a certain number of projects is implemented for the purpose of protection and conservation, advocacy of the following intangible types of cultural heritage, and encourage and support of inheritors of cultural heritage. As to the latter, the discussions would follow later.

Main feature of the measure:

The policy and measure is implemented centrally and locally in accordance with planning with employment of limited amount of resources allocated by state budget.

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