Competition 'Lithuanian Capital of Culture'

Key objectives of the measure:

This is another measure that is being implemented in order to enliven culturallife and to increase access to culture in the regions of Lithuania. Inspired by the ED competition of European CapitaIs of Culture (in which at least two cities are proclaimed the culturaI capitals of Europe each year), this measure selects one Lithuanian town (with the exception of the capital Vilnius) each year as the capital of culture of Lithuania. The town is selected after experts evaluate the CapitaI of Culture projects submitted by the municipalities of participating and competing towns. The main assessment criteria are: innovativeness of the project and its relevance to the development of the town and the surrounding region, relevance of the project to the culturaI needs of the community of the town and the surrounding region, integration of the project with other major events in the town and the surrounding region.

The measure has been implemented since 2008. The competition is organised every three years and cultura I capitals for three consecutive years are announced as a result. Selected projects receive partial financial support from the Ministry of Culture.

The Ministry of Culture introduced this measure and is responsible for its implementation.

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