Colombia 4.0

Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies
Describe the main features of the policy/measure: 

Colombia 4.0 is a meeting place that brings together thousands of participants around the digital creative industries, where they can create networks, participate in conferences, workshops and exchange experiences related to the video game, mobile application, software development and digital animation industries, among others. The event is aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and producers of digital content in Colombia.

The main offer of the event is an academic agenda with renowned national and international experts, who present the latest trends and outstanding experiences in topics such as:

* Animation
* Video games
* Entrepreneurship
* Fintech
* Digital Advertising
* Media
* Music
* Artificial intelligence
* Industries 4.0 with subtopics in: a) Tech Ed. B) Smart Cities. C) Blockchain
* Digital transformation

What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the policy/measure?: 

Since its first edition in 2011, Colombia 4.0 has become the most important digital content summit in the country. Year after year it brings together the best and latest of the digital creative industry in the world and in Colombia.

With a history of just eight years, it has managed to stand out among the summits of this type that are held in the world, and today it is internationally recognized for the quality and number of exhibitors that it gathers. In 2019 Colombia 4.0 achieved a record of 86,246 attendees, including in person and via streaming:

2011: 3,500 attendees, 60 Speakers
2012: 10,000 attendees, 90 experts
2013: 13,000 attendees, 100 Speakers
2014: 15,000 attendees , 120 Speakers
2015: 16,000 attendees in person, 19.000 via streaming, 140 national and international experts from 15 countries, 10 Networking events
2016: 60,000 attendees in person and via streaming, 246 speakers. Evolved from Colombia 3.0 to Colombia 4.0
2017: 62,000 attendees in person and via streaming, 302 Speakers, 9 Tracks
2018: 72,100 in person and via streaming, 140 Speakers, Business roundtable where 45 Colombian businesspeople met with 30 international buyers, achieving sales of US $ 170,000 and commercial expectations of more than US $ 10 million
2019: Bogota, three day event: 86,246 attendees
Barranquilla: 12,381 attendees
Yopal: 2,084 in person attendees
Pereira: 4,380 in person, 234 National and International Experts, For this year the event was brought to more cities .
* Record in attendance was broken
* Alliance with Innpulsa Colombia and its Heroes Fest event

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