Collaboration Agreement on national biocultural heritage between CULTURA and SEMARNAT

Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT)
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The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) signed on March 14, 2020, a strategic collaboration agreement on national biocultural heritage, with the aim of coordinating and organizing joint actions, programs and activities oriented to the development of the country's environmental culture in order to strengthen a culture of sustainability focused on the well-being of people, communities and the country in general.
Under this agreement, both Ministries are engaged to promote actions for the promotion of cultural traditions and expressions which promote knowledge, protection, and preservation of the country's natural wealth and biocultural heritage.
For the first time in the history of Mexico a collaboration agreement was signed between the federal government agencies in charge of the environment and culture.
For the first time in the history of Mexico, a collaboration agreement was established between the federal government agencies in charge of the environment and culture. This will contribute to integrate concepts such as environmental care and sustainability into the sphere of cultural development as an essential way to promote cultural expressions which foster the preservation and protection of natural wealth and biocultural heritage of the country.
The construction of a comprehensive policy for the rescue and protection of biocultural heritage responds to the vision of this administration based on the consideration of culture cannot be seen as an isolated entity, but from a multidisciplinary approach.
Among the actions referred to in this agreement are:
* Specific projects for the linkage of culture and environmental protection.
* Artistic and cultural activities of environmental scop.
* Events, festivals, forums, or any other participatory or dissemination scheme on culture and environment.
* Support for sustainable environmental and cultural production.
* Projects for the conservation, knowledge, and dissemination of the biocultural heritage of our country.

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