"CINEMACHILE, a sectoral brand for the international promotion of Chilean audiovisual”.

Association of Film and Television Producers (APCT)
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
CINEMACHILE is the public-private agency responsible for the promotion and dissemination of Chilean audiovisual production throughout the world. It was created in 2009 by the Association of Film and Television Producers of Chile (APCT) and PROCHILE, under the program “Marcas Sectoriales”. It is an active office that facilitates the export and internationalization of cinema, and all audiovisual production formats, both for companies consolidated in the foreign circuit, and for those that have just opened their way abroad. Its objectives are as follows: Facilitate the positioning of our productions in class A festivals, which increase the commercialization value of our products in the international market, as well as facilitate that productions in serial, virtual or animated formats, participate of the most important meetings of the field at an international level, Develop a strategic and commercial marketing that makes the offer of national cinema, and television attractive in the foreign market, Contribute to the professionalization of the sector and, Maintain constant interaction with the actors of the national, and international audiovisual industry, including the media specialized in the film and TV industry at a global level. At the same time, it develops the following actions: Promote Chilean films (fiction, documentary, animation, virtual reality), and their various formats, in international festivals and markets (or industry spaces) that CINEMACHILE attends, from its participation in competitions up to market instances; Promote television productions (fiction, documentary, animation, virtual reality), and their various formats, in the international markets (or industry meetings) that CINEMACHILE attends; Maintains contact and creates ties between the national and global audiovisual industry with special emphasis on buyers, producers, programmers, distributors and the press; Facilitates the presence of national delegations that attend each festival, and market in which CINEMACHILE participates, making available to Chilean professionals diffusion spaces for their work (web platform, social networks, promotional pieces, events, among others); It disseminates the work (news) and the achievements of Chilean cinema and TV in specialized press media; Generates business agendas and commercial networks, both in individual meetings and in events of great international scope; Produces annual publications such as the International Film Catalog and the International Television Catalog, to facilitate the work of international intermediary agents and prestigious festivals and; Organizes and conducts seminars and talks aimed at the Chilean audiovisual industry, which are the result of the experience of both CINEMACHILE and that of national professionals who participate in foreign markets and festivals, materializing knowledge and work through these academic activities, always with a focus on training for the international market.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
After 10 years since its creation, CINEMACHILE has international positioning strategies for the audiovisual sector, which go beyond the members of the Association of Film, and Television Producers (APCT). The indirect beneficiaries of the CINEMACHILE sector brand correspond to all associations of companies or professionals in the audiovisual sector, as well as independent professionals who aspire to export and/or access the international circuit. All of them benefit, or could benefit, from the networks of contacts and expertise developed by the sectorial brand, as well as from the participation in activities and events organized by CINEMACHILE, their inclusion in the International Catalogs (Film or TV) that are published annually, and other graphic promotional pieces (presskit in international markets and festivals), dissemination of their contents on our communication platforms, among other actions that benefit (and have benefited in the past) across the sector, without necessarily belonging to the applicant association, and co-financier of CINEMACHILE. The foregoing, especially because within the APCT there are companies dedicated to the production of products from all subsectors (animation, documentary, fiction, television) with which all the actions that this project contemplates imply an indirect benefit for members of other associations specific to those areas or genres (such as ADOC or ANIMACHI) or diverse, such as APCT and API (which produce all kinds of productions, of all genres and formats). In addition, ADG partners are among our indirect beneficiaries, as well as CHILEACTORES, and SIDARTE partners, which are joined by independent professionals from the sector, and also audiovisual career students.
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Cinema/ Audiovisual Arts
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