Cámara Colombiana del Libro

Cámara Colombiana del Libro
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Describa las principales características de la medida/iniciativa (800 palabras): The Colombian Book Chamber - CCL, is a non-profit association that represents and defends the interests of publishers, booksellers and distributors, with the aim of promoting the development of the book sector in Colombia. Its mission is to promote the development of publishing in Colombia, as well as guide, represent and protect the interests of all its agents under principles of well-being, cooperation, and the educational and cultural progress of the nation. The CCL is in charge of the ISBN Agency in Colombia and also advises on legal issues related to copyright, promoting actions to combat piracy such as the initiative "I support my authors. I only buy original books. Say no to pirated books”, to raise societal awareness about the importance of buying legally produced books. One of the most relevant projects of the CCL is the Bogotá International Book Fair (FILBo), which it organizes annually in association with Corferias: a literary, cultural and business event that in 33 years has positioned itself as the most important publishing industry event in the country. The authors and cultural programming of FILBo are also present in different libraries, bookstores and schools in Bogotá through FILBo Ciudad and in different regions of the country thanks to FILBo Región. Additionally, the CCL carries out different actions throughout the year to promote professional training, reading and access to books, organizing events such as the Book Festival for Children and Youth in October; Book Forums in November, a professional training program focused on studying the current situation of the book market; Independent November, an event that aims to promote independent book production and create cooperative ties with bookstores to improve their circulation. In addition to its participation in the main international book fairs, the CCL has also made strides to gather the managers of the main regional book fairs in the country with the Colombian Book Fair Network, in order to promote the access to the greatest offer of books possible in each city, region or municipality in the country. Likewise, the CCL represents the Colombian publishing sector abroad. It is affiliated with the International Union of Editors (IUE) - a corporation that brings together all the Book Chambers of the world - and the Iberoamerican Group of Publishers (GIE). The CCL is in charge, along with other allies, of managing the Colombian stand at the main international book fairs, such as the Bologna International Book Fair, specialized in children's and youth literature; the Frankfurt International Book Fair, the most important in the world for both print and digital content; and the Guadalajara International Book Fair, considered the most representative fair in the Spanish-speaking world. The CCL actively participated in Colombia’s committe as Guest Country of Honor in the International Book Fair of Lima 2016, the International Book Fair of Panama 2017, and the International Book Fair for Children and Youth (FILIJ) Mexico, 2018. In partnership with Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, the CCL carries out the “Bogotá en 100 Palabras” program, a short story contest that seeks to promote writing and reading in people of all ages and extractopms, and the Ibero-American Independent Book Route, that aims to build a professional dialogue between Colombian independent publishers and booksellers and their Ibero-American peers. Likewise, as a stimulus to the publishing sector and the dissemination of works by national authors abroad, the CCL launched in 2018 the Reading Colombia project in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and the National Library of Colombia, with the aim of promoting the national catalog of authors and publishers and facilitate the international sale of rights by supporting translation at international fairs.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
- Thirty three (33) successful editions of the Bogota International Book Fair (FILBo) with the following guests of honor: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, France, United States, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Central America, the Caribbean, The Netherlands, Peru, China, Japan, Ecuador, Portugal and Colombia; and special exhibitions like the tribute to World Book Capitals in 2007, the Bicentennial of Independence in 2010 and Macondo in 2015. In 2019, FILBO reported USD 9 million in sales to the public, more than 605,000 visitors during 14 days, 400 national and international authors and 1,993 literary, cultural and business events. - Production of yearly book statistics for Colombia, stemming from an analysis of ISBN records, the data offered by DANE and surveys of the sector. - Execution in 2019 of the anti-piracy campaign “I support my authors. I only buy original books. Say no to piracy”, to raise societal awareness about the importance of buying legally produced books to prevent irreparable losses for the sector. - Twelve successful editions of the Festival of Books for Children and Youth with around 10,000 attendees and the participation of 200 bookstores, libraries, schools and public parks each year. - Two editions of Book Forums in November at the Virgilio Barco Public Library with the assistance of approximately 160 sector professionals. - Two editions of Independent November with more than 50 free admission activities and the participation of 15 bookstores and 35 publishers. - Ten editions of the Ibero-American Independent Book Route with six visits by publishers and booksellers from Colombia to Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, and four visits by agents from these countries in Colombia. - Three editions of the “Bogotá en 100 palabras” contest, with 100 winning short stories and around 14,000 contestants each year. - Heading the Colombian delegation every year at the International Book Fairs in Bologna, Frankfurt and Guadalajara, and when the country has been a guest of honor (Lima 2016, Panama 2017 and Mexico 2018). This representation consists of managing the sample collection of the country's stand, academic and cultural programming, and support for the travel to the fair of national authors and stakeholders. - Promote the consolidation of the Colombian Book Fair Network, that currently has 14 members from different regions of the country and has held six meetings to strengthen strategic alliances, communication and the exchange of experiences. - Two editions of Reading Colombia, the program to support the translation of Colombian authors in international markets, through which 22 scholarships have been awarded to support the translation of books into seven languages for the markets of Albania, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt , Scotland, the United States, Italy and Turkey.
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