Borderland Foundation

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Based in Sejny, the Borderland Foundation is making a great contribution to the implementation of the Convention’s objectives[1]. This organisation aims to promote the borderland ethos and to build bridges for people of different religions, nationalities and cultures. It operates mainly on the basis of grants provided by various institutions and organisations, and private individuals. The Foundation cooperates closely with the “Borderland of Arts, Cultures and Nations” Centre under a cooperation agreement which reflects the converging objectives of both institutions. Among other projects, the Foundation runs the Summer School of Intercultural Dialogue, which is an international programme designed to educate integration leaders in multicultural communities. Programme participants include cultural managers, social activists, journalists, artists, teachers and members of local governments from the Eastern Partnership countries – Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Poland. The “Borderland of Arts, Cultures and Nations” Centre is also involved in the “It’s worth asking about culture” project involving symposia originated by the Department of Culture and National Heritage of the Governor’s Office of the Podlaskie Voivodeship.


[1]                More on the Foundation’s activities on

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