Birzeit Cultural Heritage Week

Rozana Association for Rural Tourism
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Birzeit cultural Heritage Week is an annual rural cultural event that aims to revive the historic and old city of Birzeit, trying to bring more visitors or cultural interest to Birzeit, in order to enhance cultural tourism in rural areas through encouraging singers, artists and innovators to produce and perform in cultural shows, in addition to documenting the cultural and traditional stories of rural people and share them among youth and new generations. The main goals of the initiative: To protect and promote the existing and potential Palestinian cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue locally, regionally, and internationally consolidating social cohesion. Specific objectives: 1. To promote and associate existing elements of culture and cultural heritage harnessed in the preserved courtyards rehabilitated alleys, and revamped attics of Birzeit historical center to serve as a platform for a variety of Palestinian and international proceedings; music, dance, film screening, theater performances, local productions, handcrafts exhibits, galleries, children’s activities and international displays. 2. To network and partner with pertinent local, national and international stakeholders to create synergies, diversify the event, and to strengthen the potential for intercultural cooperation and dialogue maximizing the cultural impact of the event. 3. To contribute to creating an environment that nurtures gender-aware cultural, artistic and development leaders through exchange across the world involving youth, women, community stakeholders, and beneficiaries in the implementation of Birzeit Cultural Heritage Week. 4. To promote freedom of expression and to educate people about their cultural rights through art. 5. To reach out to various communities with cultural activities to attract audiences that otherwise would not have access to such cultural diversity or experiences. 6. To encourage volunteerism within the Palestinian society, especially among youth. 7. To enhance the cultural management and artistic capacities of local organizations and individuals. 8. To engage the local communities of targeted 12 Palestinian villages (Aboud, Beit Rima, Deir Ghassana, Deir Ammar, Beitlo, Burqin, Arabeh, Sanour, Birzeit, Deir Dibwan, Jaba`, and Mukhammas) including official public bodies (municipalities and local councils), youth and women CBOs and other local organizations to work collectively within the framework of the regeneration of their historic areas to promote the targeted villages as cultural tourism destinations and empower the local communities to manage those cultural rehabilitated historic areas, with solid social responsibility.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Organizing the town's flower competition. Thousands of participants attend the festival from Palestine and abroad every year
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